Christmas Challenge: Yo Gabba Gabba


Oh yes. You read that right. In order to switch it up a little, I actually found a Christmas episode of Yo Gabba Gabba to watch. This was one of the most confusing, horrifying, and weird experiences I’ve ever had.

I think my mind melted a little..

If you’ve like me to describe plot…there is none. I mean, it’s Chritmastime, and the big blue one sings about why she likes winter. And they decorate a tree. And make presents. And give presents. So…I guess there’s a plot. But with the interludes of dancing children and weird men drawing snowmen and videogame sequences with the children green-screened onto them, it was all just nonsensical. And it took me hours to get the songs out of my head.

(Please don’t get them in my head again.)

I knew a little about the show before I started watching, based on clips I’ve seen on The Soup. At least so much that it had songs and a guest star. But I guess we don’t even get a guest star. The Snow Princess (who was one of the creepiest doll/cartoon/claymation concoctions I’ve ever seen) was the one who led us in our “Dancy Dance,” so I didn’t even get to see a real person there.

I want to find something positive to say here, but I’ve got nothing. It was creepy. And it hurt my head. Every five minutes (or less) I pressed the info button to see how much of this show was left. I’m ashamed that watching this has probably thrown off my instant queue. I’m petrified to see what they’ll start recommending for me now.

Recommendation: Stay far far away.


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