Christmas Challenge: The O.C.

The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t

I’ve never watched The O.C. I don’t know who any of the characters are or any of the relationships (family or otherwise) between them. Fortunately, with all the drama that happened in this episode (which I was woefully behind on), I caught up with most of the characters. Except Ryan. How is he part of the family again?

Secret sisters and extramarital affairs aside, I really enjoyed the episode. So much so, I’m almost curious to check out the series in its entirety. Seth was so fun to watch. While his zeal over Chrismukkah ran a little wild for my taste, I loved seeing everyone else get involved. Who wouldn’t love a yama-claus? Those seriously were just so cute.

Something else small that I enjoyed? The music. “The Carol of the Bells” sung by cats? I had to backtrack just to hear that again. It lightened the mood of the entire episode, even after you know that secrets and lies were at stake.

Overall, just fun. Loved the characters. Loved the Christmas — excuse me, Chrismukkah — spirit. And despite the gravity in the middle with the drama, it even ended on a high, festive note.

Recommendation: Recommended. You may not have a clue what’s going on, but Seth makes the holiday a fun one to attend.

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