Christmas Challenge: iCarly


Right off the heels of the iCarly finale, I decided to flash back to a Christmas episode of the show: “iChristmas.”

It’s one I’d seen before but not one I really remembered. The show does the typical It’s a Wonderful Life storyline, where Carly, frustrated with her brother’s firy accidents once again (this time, sacrificing the tree and her gifts for others in the process), wishes he were just born normal. Enter Mitch, Carly’s Christmas angel, who grants her wish.

And so starts the life that Carly never wanted. Spencer’s a stressed-out lawyer. Freddie’s dating a girl no one likes. Carly’s dating the dude she hates. And Sam…well…Sam’s behind bars.

Needless to say, it takes a very little time before Carly realizes her mistake. And in good Wonderful Life fashion, she’s wishing life was just how it used to be. And so it ends, with her embracing her family and friends and her imperfect life — and they even sing a Charlie Brown favorite under the tree.

While predictable and a bit of an overdone treatment, it’s still decent. I personally like iCarly best when the supporting characters are in the spotlight, but for a holiday episode, it’s cute.

Recommendation: If you’ve got kids who like iCarly, it’s a must-see. If you just want some festive background TV, it’s worth it. But I probably won’t pop it in every year.


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