Christmas Challenge: Lie to Me

Secret Santa

Major gear shift here. I wanted to stick with an hour-long drama, but it’s rather hard to choose. Some of the classics aren’t even on Netflix, and I have to wait for some disks to arrive before I can tackle those. But I did find Lie to Me, and as it turned out, it even had a Christmas episode.

As a little background, I watched a few episodes of the first season of Lie to Me, and it didn’t really grab me. But in seeing this one, which was from the second season, I see that it seemed to have found its stride and become pretty good.

This was a pretty hefty episode. As a matter of national security, Lightman is sent to Afghanistan to talk to a prisoner of war, a former American soldier who aligned himself with the Taliban. Two men have been captured by the Taliban, and this man is the only one who can point them in the right direction — if he cooperates.

It wasn’t just a mystery of where the men were and whether the man was telling the truth, but really honing in on the real story behind the man. Was he friend or foe? Was he ally or enemy? And what happened to him to make him go to the other side?

In the end, the reveal was a good one (I’ll leave some mystery for those of you who haven’t seen it), and the man eventually sacrifices himself to save American troops. It was a bittersweet end, made all that much more poignant as Lightman returns home to an office Christmas party and hands over his Secret Santa gift: a handmade snowflake that decorated the camp in Afghanistan for Christmas. Just another reminder of what others are going through while we’re toasting our cocktails.

Recommendation: A very good episode, but a heavy one for the holidays. Worth watching, but you may want to save this for a time to think, and not while snuggling on the couch with the kiddies and hot chocolate in tow.


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