HIMYM: Lobster Crawl

himym barney robin

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.09 “Lobster Crawl”

Despite my silence for the last couple weeks on HIMYM, I have been watching. And I’ve been patiently trying to figure out what they’re doing with Robin and Barney, because clearly, that’s the point of these episodes.

Well, now that Barney has realized he wants more than what he used to from women, it looks like he’s on the relationship track. But with Robin denying multiple advances, he’s given up on her. Now that the door is closed, Robin’s decided she wants him — not for a relationship, but just one last time.

I was not surprised that Robin would suddenly dislike the taste in her mouth when Barney shut the door, but I can’t say I loved seeing her attempt to throw herself at him the entire episode. There were some bright sides: Using the “Playbook” music for Robin’s lame attempts to reach out to him was a refreshing flashback to the episode that first used the music and fake pages. But otherwise, she wasn’t very funny. I realize that her attempts to flirt were supposed to be so over the top that they were hilarious…but for me, they fell flat. Sorry, Robin. It was a no go.

As for the end, well, that was a surprise. I expected Barney to have someone at his apartment (it’s a typical sitcom thing to do), but I didn’t expect it to be Patrice. Now, Patrice has been one of these characters I couldn’t give the least bit about throughout the seasons, but suddenly, she’s interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

Now, Ted. Ted’s whole “firsts” thing didn’t feel all the fresh to me…until you found out why. Actually, the entire storyline felt a lot like Danny Tanner in Full House, when he took Becky and Jesse’s kids out for their first _____, all because his kids were too grown to have any more of their own. I was afraid we were falling in the same trap as that, this time with Ted’s dilemma being that he thought he’d never have them, since he still isn’t married with kids yet. Finding out that his real baby, the building he designed, was finished was much more interesting. A nice level of complexity there.

Plus, Lily was just entertaining trying to get Marvin to crawl.

Overall, solid episode, but not a great one. After having watched “Subway Wars” and “Something Borrowed” earlier in the day on syndication, this one just didn’t match up to the quality.  But hey, with HIMYM, it’s always an up-and-down ride.


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