Christmas Challenge: Brothers and Sisters

Cold Turkey

I decided to veer away from the comedies for a moment into family drama. And what a great one to start with! I wish I could take credit for discovering this one, but actually it was commenter Anne who brought it to my attention. And I’m glad she did.

I’m relatively familiar with the Walker family, as I watched the first few seasons of the show. But as with any Sunday show, many conflicting series started battling each other, and by the final season, I was rarely watching. So I missed this gem when it was on the air.

If you missed it, too, here’s the deal: After many days of frantically planning yet another “world’s best Christmas” for her family, Nora decides to call it quits and go on vacation for Christmas. The kids are left to their own devices, and Kevin and Kitty in particular start battling for who’s home turf will hold the festivities. Meanwhile, Justin just wants to make sure there’s figgy pudding to impress his latest gal pal, and Sarah, well, she just wants the holiday to be over with.

It’s actually really entertaining. The expression of the kids as Nora walks out on them — very apologetically, I might add — was hilarious, and seeing the contrasting decorations between Kitty and Kevin’s humble (and not-so-humble) abodes was great. I could have lived without Nora’s guilt-ridden It’s a Wonderful Life dream, but it did go hand-in-hand with the happy ending, where she returns, to see the perfect Christmas, set up by her kids, welcoming her with surprised but open arms.

Recommendation: If you haven’t been a part of a Walker family Christmas yet, do it now. This one’s a fun one to watch.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Brothers and Sisters

  1. šŸ˜€ I could have also done without the dream sequence, but it was indeed a fun holiday Bros & Hos (my nickname for the show).

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