Vampire Diaries: My Brother’s Keeper

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.07 “My Brother’s Keeper”

Developments, developments! What an episode, right?

Let’s start with what everyone’s talking about. Elena could be sired? To Damon? Now, personally, I’m a huge Elena/Damon shipper, so I’m thrilled that she and Stefan are over, and I’ve been loving the lingering glances Elena has had toward Damon over the course of this episode. And hey, getting together in the end? Hell yes!

But I’m not so thrilled to hear why. That Elena could be sired to Damon, which is why she’s been feeling strongly toward him and why she’s been listening to everything he’s said. I fear they’re going to make this into an argument to hate Damon — like he knew it all along. And was using it to his advantage.

Now, somehow I don’t think Damon would have known about this. I just don’t think he’s that evil. And Elena…she did have some feelings for Damon before, so it wouldn’t surprise me that those feelings were magnified. But I suppose that Stefan and Caroline have a point about her suddenly agreeing with him on April’s dress or because she can’t drink anything that’s not from the vein. But then again, didn’t it take some good convincing a couple episodes ago for Elena not to kill herself? If she were really sired, a quick, “Stop that” would do the trick.

Personally, I don’t think Elena’s changed all that much to really warrant Caroline and Stefan’s huge freakout. A lot of this could be because of her morphing into a vampire. It’s not all that easy, you know. Personally, I’d like to have faith in Damon and just think that it’s the natural progression of Elena.

As for Stefan, I’m pretty ticked at him. His forcing Jeremy to kill…he deserved that stake in the gut. I mean, did he not think there may be repercussions when you’re dealing with a force so powerful that it creates hunters generation after generation. But I’m soooo interested in seeing where Jeremy goes from here. Somehow, I see dark things.

Namely: I don’t think one of our fan favorites will make it through this season. This is just a hunch, but one of our favorite vamps may not make it through. And while I’d love for it to be Stefan, I think Caroline or Tyler might be the ones on the chopping block.

Like I said, just a hunch. Jeremy’s a powerful beast, and though Matt’s involvement will keep him at bay (and by the way, I love that partnership). But still, no human can stop a hunter. That’s even harder than stopping a vampire.


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: My Brother’s Keeper

  1. I loved this episode! But I didn’t like the twist at the end. I’m not happy about this whole sire thing. I don’t want it to ruin Damon and Elena’s relationship. I understand that she might agree with him more, but I don’t think it affects her romantic feelings for him. It doesn’t for any of Klaus’ sired hybrids. And I think Caroline is blowing this way out of proportion! Elena and Stefan are not epic. They are boring.

    I am also interested in Jeremy’s story line! I was glad he stabbed Stefan. He deserved it! I wonder if there is a way to keep him at bay, as you say, and I wonder if that will involve Bonnie at all.

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