Christmas Challenge: How I Met Your Mother

Symphony of Illumination

Yes, I saw this episode last season. And yes, last year I reviewed an episode of HIMYM as part of the Christmas Challenge. BUT this episode is not of the current season and I haven’t reviewed this episode for the challenge before, so it’s within the rules. And honestly, I just wanted to see one scene.

As far as Christmas episodes go, this particular episode devotes it’s holiday happenings to set trimming and B-plot. And it’s not all that great of a B-plot anyway. I had little interest in Marshall being stuck on the roof while trying to hang Christmas lights, held captive while a teenager used his house as a personal party pad. I would have been more entertained if Marshall’s “Symphony of Illumination” attempt turned out more like Home Improvement or Christmas Vacation, but I suppose that would be less original.

No, the majority of the episode was not Christmas themed, and it dealt with Robin’s discovery that she can’t have kids. It’s a sad realization, and while many people were upset by the bait and switch reveal at the end of the episode, I thought it was well done. Christmas, no. Quality, yes.

But the clincher that made me want to watch it this Christmas was Ted’s light show in his apartment, all in an attempt to cheer Robin up from whatever was bothering her. It was wonderful, and definitely worth rewatching the episode.

Recommendation: Youtube the final scene for a great Christmas light show. And watch the entire episode another time, just because it’s a good episode overall.


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