The Return of the Christmas Challenge!

It’s December 1. ABC Family may be starting their 25 Days of Christmas today (despite their playing Christmas movies for the last few weeks — but I digress), but I know what you all are waiting for…


It’s the second annual Christmas Challenge, which means I’m on day one of watching 25 holiday-themed episodes this year, reviewing one each day. Thank you to all of you who provided suggestions (and you’re welcome to leave more). They’re certainly helpful.

This year’s going to be a tough one. I haven’t done nearly enough prep work. There are disks to track down, online viewing to secure, and a list of shows to decide on. And, of course, rules. Yes, there are a few rules, so here goes:

  • The show can’t be from the current airing season of a show. That means, if HIMYM decides to toss in a Christmas episode this year, it doesn’t count. I’ll be reviewing it anyway, and the point is that I watch more TV and revisit the past.
  • It can be from a currently airing show. This means that previous seasons of shows like Parks and RecThe Office, and even HIMYM count. They just have to be past seasons. Of course, shows that are no longer on the air are encouraged.
  • It cannot be one of the ones I reviewed last year. Now, this one’s a toughie because I chose some of my favorite episodes last year. They’re ones I love to watch year after year. And they don’t count? Ouch. No Studio 60 or claymation Community for me. (But you, I’ll watch them anyway…I just won’t tell you about it…and it won’t be part of the challenge.)
  • One show, one review, each day. Wish me luck on this one. It may be the hardest of all!

Alright, here goes. The Christmas Challenge starts today! Happy holidays!


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