American Horror Story: Origins

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM: 2.06 “The Origins of Monstrosity”

Sorry for the delay on writing this post. For some reason, it just felt wrong discussing the gory, horrific details of AHS on a day we Americans give thanks. But here goes. It started off with a bang. We were back in the present, seeing Bloody Face’s reaction to imposters. Note: If you’re going to impersonate Bloody Face, make sure he’s not around, or you’ll be dead and dangling around an old asylum, dripping blood on policemen.

Yes, it drives me a bit mad to think about how this totally breaks Bloody Face’s pattern (don’t all serial killers have a pattern?), but it’s certainly not as frustrating as finding out at the end of the episode that the girl, who I thought was dead, is somehow still alive. Again. My god, these people have nine lives.

Meanwhile, back in the 1960s, we have way too many flashback origin stories going on. On the one hand, we found out that while Arden is, yes, a monster, he’s not a monster for the reasons we suspected. No, he’s just trying to make a better human race, either by killing those who are bringing it down or injecting them with enough disease that if they overcome it, they create a superhuman. He’s insane, but at least he has a reason.

Meanwhile, we discovered a rather cliche, boring reason that Thredson is the way he is: mommy issues. Now, I find this funny, just because a) I don’t think that every serial killer takes his prey, just to explain their life story and explain why they are why they are and b) that story is just so overdone! My god, they could have had Zachary Quinto recite some slightly revised version of the story he gave in Heroes back in the day since his serial killer doppelganger Sylar had mommy issues, too! If you’re going to identify why a serial killer does what he does, find an original story (like Dexter) or better yet, don’t tell us at all. I would have loved to just hear Thredson telling Lana that she was special and she could be “her” while I desperately wondered who “her” was week to week. Much more mystery, intrigue, and suspense. Instead, we went the Scooby Do route right after those rotten kids discovered who the bad guy was.

Either way, it looks like Lana discovered that in order to save herself, she’d have to play the part of his mother — which is leading to more horrific scenes as we go. I still can’t get that final scene with Lana and Thredson out of my head (definitely not something I wish I hadn’t seen before a happy holiday).

Where we’ll go from here? Who knows. I mean, really, who knows? This episode seemed to have done nothing but dwell on the past, and I’d rather move forward already. Clearly, Thredson is still at it decades later, given what we saw in the deserted Briarcliffe, so I can’t imagine that means good things for Lana. But maybe they’ll surprise us.

You know, if the show would hurry up and get to the point already.


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