Parenthood: One More Weekend With You

PARENTHOOD: 4.08 “One More Weekend With You”

Poor Kristina. I’ll start with that, but to be fair, between last week and the beginning of this episode, when she refused to believe what she was going through and proceeded to eat sugar, carry her daughter around, invite Max’s friend to stay over for the weekend, she was driving me nuts! I just wanted her to realize that people are there to help, and she can’t do everything anymore.

Unfortunately, Kristina learned the hard way. And by the mid-point of last night’s episode, I honestly just felt bad for her. How could you not, seeing what she went through? It was refreshing to hear her say that, somehow, she thought she’d be immune to the side effects of the chemo, and it was heartbreaking seeing her go through them. When Max walked in on her on the floor of the bathroom, my jaw dropped. That’s something she didn’t want anyone to see — whether it was viewers or Max.

About Max. I’ve noted before how hard it is to accept Max now. When we were in the first season and he was young, his autistic behaviors were much more understandable. But now that he’s older and we don’t see every episode surrounding him (and how the Bravermans are reacting to it), we realize how hard it is to accept them. And this episode was awful. All I wanted to do was make Max hear Adam, to just do what he said. But every word out of his mouth was selfish and argumentative. Kudos to Adam for handling it, along with two other kids along the way. (Also, kudos to Max’s friend, who seemed to not react to how rude Max was being.)

In other child-related news, we had Sydney getting fed up with all the attention on her new brother. I was a little surprised how lightly they took her “running away,” but I loved Julia’s reaction the next morning — that her fit worked on Joel, but not her. In the end, Sydney did get what she wanted, but I see a rough road ahead. Traditional siblings are easy. You grow up with a baby, learning to adjust to the attention change. But when you’re so close in age (and isn’t Victor older?), it’s much tougher.

Then there’s the older kids: Should we discuss Drew? While I’m still horrified to see Drew having sex (I thought it was a bad idea at the end of last season), I liked that we’re really seeing Sarah adjust to having another person around that resembles a parental figure. For me, it’s much better drama than some dumb storyline with Hank (which it looks like might be coming back next episode). And frankly, I like Mark! I want him to stay around, even if I really don’t see wedding bells in the future for these two.

Amber, meanwhile, had probably the best story of the episode. I love Ryan, and I hope we keep him around. They add a dynamic that’s refreshing, smart, and compelling. While I predicted that his friend killed himself, seeing Amber’s reaction and his declaration that he is not his friend was great. These two should be featured in every episode. Just fantastic.

As for Crosby? Another juvenile fight, all to make up in the end. I don’t think there’s anything to add her.

Overall, great episode. A smart return after a few weeks off.

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