Catching Up on ‘Fringe’

FRINGE: 5.05 “An Origin Story”
FRINGE: 5.06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

FRINGE: 5.07 “Five-Twenty-Ten”

Oh man. So much has happened in the last three episodes. And Peter…oh, Peter…

While Peter’s rage was no surprise, what he did certainly was. I was certainly reacting (audibly) when he inserted the tech into his own neck. Honestly, for a rather boring episode, I was pleased with the ending — though I can’t say I like what’s happening next.

Now, focusing in on Peter, I had my suspicions that perhaps Peter is becoming not only an Observer, but the first Observer. Based on the tuft of hair we saw in Friday’s episode, I think the first part of this statement is true. Peter is becoming an Observer.

But the first? Well, I don’t know. Pushing all time analysis aside, it’s possible. The Observers are from the future, so wouldn’t it make sense that they have to start somewhere? Could Peter have just become the one thing he’s fighting against — and the start of it?

Either way, it’s rather disappointing. While I like how he’s planning to take them out (especially since we’re getting some tastes of nostalgia with attacks from season one episodes), I’m bummed that it really looks like he and Olivia are falling apart. Unless we can fix him — and with just a few episodes left, it seems unlikely — methinks our favorite Fringe team may be over.

Meanwhile, we have Walter. Now, I love Walter’s quest to become a good person, to fight against that urge to be a bad person. It was what he was talking about at the end of the episode where the man died in the pocket world. His ambition blinded him, and he cared little about one last life. Now, on the one hand, this is war, and there can be “acceptable casualties,” but if you’re losing your compassion in the meantime, that’s not good.

But I do have one issue with this focus on Walter. Since the high-ambition Walter was in the time period we didn’t get to see, it’s hard to see his struggle. How do we know if he’s becoming the hard-edged, super-ambitious man if we’ve never seen him be that before? In fact, the man he described sounded more like the man of the faux world (of Faux-livia) than anything else.

Unless I misunderstood Walter. If you know better than me, please share! But either way, I’m just glad to see character development continue, even in the final season. With both Peter and Walter, it looks like there’s a rough ride ahead. But I can’t wait to see it.


3 thoughts on “Catching Up on ‘Fringe’

  1. The Peter as first observer theory is so interesting, though I sort of hope it’s wrong because it would destroy poor Walter and Olivia; I’d really like some modicum of a happy ending.

  2. Agree with JC’ comment. I really miss the attacks from season 1 and I do like this Peter story line and it is interesting to see where it will go. Walter is not so interesting to me, i just hope we won#t change too much to become not likeable anymore. Olivia so far is absolutely dull.

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