American Horror Story: Who Is Bloody Face?


Well, the big mystery has been revealed. In last night’s final moments, we found out who Bloody Face really is…and if you haven’t yet watched the episode, I’d suggest you stop reading now before I make the big reveal myself.

Much earlier than anticipated, we finally discover who Bloody Face is — a maker of lamps, with lampshades made of human flesh, and bowls of human skulls. Turns out the human mind is the only thing that Dr. Thredson is interested in, as he himself donned the hideous mask and revealed himself as Bloody Face after freeing Lana from what she thought was the worse imprisonment of her life.

Based on the fact that she’s now chained to a white tile floor with her lover’s dead body at her feet, I’m guessing she’ll find out pretty soon that she was wrong.

I’m curious to hear from you all whether you suspected Thredson was the culprit. While I haven’t spent much time figuring out who Bloody Face was (I still think the big question was a rather boring one from the start), I didn’t suspect Thredson. Though, perhaps I should have. Bloody Face would have had to be someone we’ve met before and someone who could come and go from the asylum. That takes Kit out of the picture. And possibly Arden — who, frankly, was too easy to begin with. We established he was a man, which really only left Thredson.

Then you add in the fact that he showed up the minute Kit was accused, which is convenient timing. He knew first that Lana’s girlfriend was missing and possibly a victim of Bloody Face. He convinced Kit to confess (not sure how Kit fell into that trap). But then again, hindsight is always 20/20, right?

I am a bit creeped out to see where we go from here. I kind-of wish AHS would go the traditional route of just killing people off already. I’m not really interested in seeing him torture poor Lana week after week. But I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, we had Grace with her own alien abduction…or surgery. I guess we still have to find out which she really experienced. But if Kit is any indication, it was an alien abduction, and his wife is now pregnant with an alien baby. I wonder if Grace is next.

Poor Kit is now out of the asylum, again headed to a new jail. This time, his jail has an electric chair. I always want to root for the innocent, but let’s be honest: This is AHS, and he’s probably a horrific goner.

As for Sister Jude, uggh. Does anyone else not care? Also, wouldn’t you still be a nun, even if you got fired? Just moved to a different place? I realize pride is an issue for her, since she’s no long in charge, but still. Her just walking out seemed a bit ridiculous.

I won’t go into “Anne Frank” because I missed last week’s episode, but seeing her post-lobotomy was rather chilling. But a great way to end the episode, nonetheless.


6 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Who Is Bloody Face?

  1. I didn’t expect him to be Bloody Face either. It was actually a pretty good reveal; the way that scene was shot, as realization slowly settled over Lana, was pretty tense. One of the few moments of tension throughout this season so far, but I’m not really sure that I care that much. And like you, I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to a watching the poor woman get tortured for a few episodes. We’ll see. All those problems aside, this episode was at least a bit more interesting than the last few, which have been kind of boring.

  2. Yes, this season of AHS is definitely full of material with no clear direction on some of the more obscure parts. I’m not sure if this will culminate in some massive aha moment at the end of the season but the major story lines it’s going right now are enough to carry the season. You just never know with SOA so I’ve got my DISH Hopper recording the show each week. It’s four times more recording space than all the other DVRs out there which means I don’t have to rush to watch everything I’ve recorded. I had a terrible feeling that Lana would be in trouble if Thredson got her out of the asylum. My DISH co-worker was blown away by the Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face reveal. I had a feeling all along and this just makes the whole situation even creepier since he already killed her girlfriend. He was just too nice and there was something off about him I just couldn’t out my finger on. I can’t wait to see these next few episodes that help us better understand why Dr. Thredson is the way he is. I really hope that this season won’t culminate in biting off more than it can chew.

  3. Since I found out that Bloody Face’s identitiy would be revealed a couple days before I watched the episode, I felt it was pretty obvious from the beginning of the episode that it would be Thredson. I guess it may not’ve been if you didn’t know there was going to be a reveal in the episode, but seeing as Thredson was leaving the asylum very shortly, it seemed like it had to be him. Otherwise there was very little point to him being all.

    I never saw the first season of AHS, but as for this one, I definitely agree with Teresae. Lots of material, but no clear direction. So far we’ve got aliens, demon possessions, Nazi doctors and serial killers. And none of these stories really seem to be going anywhere.

    As a side note, whenever I watch AHS now, I’m going to have the song Skinned by Blind Melon in my head, which was based on the story of killer Ed Gein.

    “I’ll make a shoehorn outta your shin / I’ll make a lampshade of durable skin….”

  4. I did not know they’d be revealing Bloody Face already (it felt early to me), but if you knew they would be, I can see how you could narrow it down. If they had given it a few more episodes, I thought perhaps we’d see someone brand-new, or maybe surprise us with the recurring character of the cop or something. I don’t know. But with more time, there were certainly more options. If you knew that ahead of time, I can see how you guessed it!

  5. Ah. Good thing I didn’t let it all out in the first paragraph then. But when writing this, I looked up a description on either TV Guide or IMDB, and it said Bloody Face was revealed, so I guess it might’ve been open knowledge that this episode was THE episode for anyone.

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