HIMYM: The Autumn of Breakups Finally Ends

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.05 “The Autumn of Breakups”
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.06 “Spitsville”

Let’s catch up on HIMYM. But let’s ignore the silly stuff like wingman dogs and horny new mothers. Let’s get right to the meat of the episodes, and that would be the autumn of breakups.

Considering how much I was waiting for this horrible storyline to end, it’s no surprise that I was disappointed with the result. Let’s start with Robin and Nick.

I’ve been disappointed the entire season with how they’ve treated Nick’s character. Considering that they teased his crush on Robin (and vice versa) in episodes past, I really thought that this would be a big part of Robin’s life. But instead, he was merely a pretty sextoy. One who was overly emotional. And apparently stupid.

Considering that we’ve seen him in a number of episodes this season, must we focus on the fact that he’s dumb? Haven’t we run into this before? I immediately thought of Scooby, but I’m sure there have been others. But overall, it felt forced.

I did like Barney’s reason to break them up, though. Of course, as viewers, we all know that he’s speaking the truth — it was the only interesting thing that happened all episode. But, of course, nothing has happened since then.

As for Ted and Victoria, they apparently got past her messiness of a few episodes ago, but last week, they were still headed to splitsville (though not the restaurant). They split because of a reason that I think is actually legitimate. I could actually see Victoria telling Ted that it was either her or Robin.

What is odd about this is the fact that she waited this long to make the ultimatum, since they had been hanging with Robin for weeks until this point. Plus, it was a bit too reminiscent of Stella and Ted. While not an exact replica, Stella’s focus on Robin being at the wedding seemed to be similar to Victoria’s ultimatum. Somehow, Ted’s girlfriends — or fiancees, rather — just can’t seem to understand that Ted and Robin are just friends.

More so, I was left thinking that this was such an overused TV play. This screamed Ross/Rachel/Emily from Friends, with a demanding bride telling the groom he can’t be friends with his ex. At least Emily has a reason; Ross said the wrong name at the wedding. Victoria’s reasons weren’t so black and white. Understandable, yes, but still too…easy.

In the end, I’d say the autumn of breakups was a pretty disappointing story for Ted and the gang, and it would have been better if we just saw the stories unfold without foreshadowing. At least then, we wouldn’t have unmet mediocre expectations.


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