American Horror Story: Nor’easter


Sorry for the delay in reviews, folks. We had some visitors in town, which not only put her behind on her TV viewing, but more so, put her behind in her writing. We’re finally catching back up.

Oh, American Horror Story. You know what I constantly forget? How much every episode last year really bummed me out, but as a whole, I have fond memories of the season (with the exception of Dylan McDermott). But every episode, I had high hopes, and for the most part, they were dashed.

Yet every week, I came back, itching for more.

Last Wednesday’s episode was no exception. First, we find out Leo (Adam Levine) isn’t dead. No, “Bloody Face” is attacking him, then makes his way for Theresa, only to have Leo somehow regain movement in his entire body — after having his arm ripped off and then stabbed multiple times. Then, we discover that “Bloody Face” isn’t actually Bloody Face but actually one of three people pretending to him for some reason unknown to us. It will probably remain unknown, as the real Bloody Face looked as though he was taking them out at the end.

If at this point, you’re scrunching your face and scratching your head, you’re not alone. This was lame. I was just generally disappointed to see the appearance of three new faces for no other reason than a prank. To see Leo and Theresa just get shot and killed after all they went through, then see the real Bloody Face come out of the shadows… It just didn’t do it for me.

Meanwhile, back in the 1960s, I was incredibly disappointed with Sister Mary Eunice’s transformation. We all noticed last week that the demon went in her, but couldn’t there have been a gradual build up? Did she really need to go all lusty and murderous in one episode? And how did no one notice what was going on? There was no part of the original nun there to try to hold on to.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode (and trust me, that’s not saying much) was the escape plan, only to be thwarted by the beasts in the woods. At least we’ve gotten more of a glimpse of these guys, so we can really start wondering what these beasts are. Why they didn’t bother Lana when she first snuck into the asylum, I guess we’ll never know.

Finally, Sister Jude. Frankly, I don’t care.

What I do wonder about in the next episode, though, is what’s going to happen to poor Shelley, who was left legless at the mercy of Arden. That was horrifying. And I don’t think he’s done with her yet.

What’d you think? Too harsh? Too light? For a stormy Wednesday Halloween night, I was just hoping for more.


One thought on “American Horror Story: Nor’easter

  1. I think you’re right. This season is just not doing it for me. All of last years problems aside, there were some legitimately creepy, sometimes scary moments in nearly every episode. There’s nothing like that here and I’m not exactly sure why. I think it might be because the writers have just stuffed every episode full of every horror cliche they can think of. There’s no slow build at all, so there’s no tension.

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