American Horror Story: Good Old Fashioned Exorcism

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM: 2.02 “Tricks and Treats”

I hate to start this review on a sour note, but did anyone else find this episode a wee bit…boring?

That sounds a bit surprising, right? I mean, this episode included electroshock therapy, an exorcism, an escape plan, and it all began with Leo’s (aka Adam Levine’s) demise.

But for some reason, between the slash and screams, there was just a lot of boring…mess. Mess and sex. I don’t know. For some reason, this episode just didn’t grab my attention.

Perhaps it’s because there was so much going on. Contrary to last season, we started off with a slew of characters and a slew of storylines, and it’s a balancing act to make sure that they’re all accounted for. And the big mystery — Bloody Face — just isn’t doing it for me yet.

That’s not to say there’s not potential. I love that the demon entered the poor sister’s body in the end. I think that will make her character become oh so much more interesting. And clearly Arden is a danger that we need to keep our eyes on.

And ultimately, I was enthralled by the exorcism, even though it was only part of a long episode. They certainly did that well.

But Lana is annoying me to no end (it doesn’t help that she has such an annoying, screaming plea). I wish she could have found out her girlfriend’s fate under Bloody Face, but then again, she’d then know Kit was innocent. I did like that she realized in the end that perhaps Kit wasn’t so bad, after he took the fall for all three of them under the whip. But the fact that she turned her one chance to escape into a chance to turn in Kit really bugged me. I guess to her, she was choosing the better option. At least a killer would stay incarcerated. But couldn’t you have tried to stop him once you were free? Hit him with a brick or something once you were outside.

Meanwhile, I just want to hear more about Grace.

I will say that Zachary Quinto was a welcome addition to the cast this week, and I’m curious to see how the head Sister is going to keep him from talking to the authorities. She may speak to a Higher Power, but the threat of the law still shakes her, I think. After all, why else would Lana be locked up?

We’re still in early episodes, so there’s still a lot more to see. Like the fate of Theresa in the room where Leo’s arm came off. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure the writers still have a lot of twists and turns under their vicious sleeves.


One thought on “American Horror Story: Good Old Fashioned Exorcism

  1. Mess and sex lol. Your review was a fun read and on time! Woohoo. I was discussing this episode with LS and we both agreed, the show is almost being true to it’s title: (an) American Horror Story. But it isn’t scary. To me it seems more like a horrifying look at the America’s history and how we abused the mentally ill. Horrific treatment, yes. But scary? Not so far…but here’s hoping!

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