Switched at Birth: #DaphneDumped and Other “Tweetable Twists”

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.30 “Street Noises Invade the House”

Are you keeping up with Switched at Birth? I’m trying. In case you’re wondering, we’ve finally finished the super-epic (and long) first season of the “freshman” drama. All the way up to episode 30. The show will be back this winter (January 7), and according to ABC Family, it’s officially starting it’s second season.

But before we look too far into the future, let’s look back at Monday’s episode. ABC Family’s clever advertising team promised us a dramatic episode, with a “tweetable twist” we wouldn’t see coming. Well, as far as drama goes, yes, there was a lot. But for twists? Well, let’s start there.

Honestly, I thought we’d discover that the “tweetable twist” of the episode would be Daphne being pregnant. Cliche? Yes. But also dramatic. I ended up being wrong, mainly because Daphne ended up dumped by her older beau — and kudos to the callous tweet-makers who splashed “#DaphneDumped” on the screen the moment the words spilled out of Chef Jeff’s mouth. I’m pretty sure the TV audience realized Daphne was dumped before she processed what he was saying all because of that. But the reason leading up to this breakup just felt dumb to me. I could see a boss being upset that her chef was dating an employee, but unless they were playing the “underage” card, I don’t see why this was such a dramatic deal. An HR problem, sure, but nothing more than that. Daphne, however, just proved herself to be more and more of a child by her declarations that they need to be together and that she was in love with him. She came across as an idiot. But truth be told, Jeff deserved to be punched in the face.

As for Bay, I’m just pleased that it finally looks like Zarra is out of the picture. Huzzah! She was grinding my last nerve, and I was getting more and more bored of rebellious Bay the more I saw her. Plus, we got a happy ending where we just might have a reunion between Bay and Emmett. With his coming to her rescue, even I’m starting to forgive him for his cheating.

Then there was the court case. Regina and Angelo are now millionaires, and while Katherine and John did win, their $1 win wasn’t exactly what they wanted to hear. It was a bit of a slap in the face, but all they wanted was the hospital to be blamed, and at least they got that.

But the real “tweetable twist” was the mystery woman who appeared just after the court case. Based on assumption, she’s going to be the new mom to Angelo’s illegitimate child. Convenient, since he just won millions. I, however, was so disappointed to see this. It’s such a cliche storyline (possibly more so than if Daphne had been pregnant — which would have at least made sense after the statement that the day before your life changes, everything seems fine), and I just don’t care about Angelo. I find him to be a rather boring character, and I enjoyed when he was out of the show for a while. So now setting up a story in his honor, well, I say it fails to be a real “tweetable twist.”

So what’d you think? And are you glad to see the first season FINALLY end?


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