Parenthood: I’ll Be Right Here

PARENTHOOD: 4.06 “I’ll Be Right Here”

Parenthood is really bringing it this season, isn’t it? I was very nervous when they first introduced the breast cancer storyline, not only because it’s a difficult one to do well, but with cancer hitting a family that has such strong personalities as Kristina and Haddie, I thought it would grind my nerves to no end.

Surprisingly enough, and you can throw this back in my face later if you’d like, I actually liked Haddie in this episode. She was mature, adult, and generally supportive the entire episode. She didn’t have her attitude issues, and she even helped Max as he stepped to the podium to do his speech. I was really impressed, and frankly, pleased. I could — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — actually enjoy having her around for a while.

Which is why it frustrated me so much to see that at the end of the episode, Adam and Kristina lied to her. She was such a help, even calling the dean’s office herself, and they lied, telling her the cancer was gone. I can’t imagine this is going to go well when Haddie discovers the truth. I understand where they’re coming from: They want their daughter to go back to school. They want to protect her. And maybe they just haven’t accepted the prognosis yet. But still, I was so disappointed to see that in the end, they took a step backward and hid the results.

I also hate to say it, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kristina in this episode. I wish we could have seen her dealing with the surgery a little more. Instead, she was focusing on Max, lamenting moving the surgery because she wouldn’t get to hear his speech. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a coping mechanism or not, but it just felt ridiculous. Here, you have cancer and you’re getting a treatment that could potentially cure you, and you’re focusing your attention and worry on a middle school election. It bugged me.

In other, non-Kristina news, we had Sarah moving in with Mark — with Drew in tow. We all know that Sarah’s reason for moving in with Mark entirely had to do with her kiss with Hank (uggh), but I hate that Drew got caught in the middle of it. Every once in a while, Sarah does forget her own kids, and while she said she did think about Drew, I don’t think she did. Now, I don’t see how this really impacted Drew as much as he claimed (perhaps he’s getting teased for having a teacher that will be his step-dad in the first place), but it was nice to see his reaction. And I’m happy they got a somewhat happy ending in front of the TV.

Finally, Amber. Oh, I’m so in love with her cute little courtship with Ryan. Seriously, he’s adorable. And I’m such a fan of Amber. I just hope we can see more of this week to week.

Oh, and as for Crosby? I’m not even going to go there. We all knew that’d be a disaster when Adam told him what to do.

Until next week!


4 thoughts on “Parenthood: I’ll Be Right Here

  1. I thought it was so wrong of Kristina and Adam to lie to Haddie, especially because the school was able to work things out, and it wasn’t going to cost any more money. I was talking about the things most hated of this episode with one of the women I work with at DISH, and she was mostly angry at Sarah. She did the typical Sarah thing by jumping the gun and doing what SHE thinks is best. This annoyed me, but I still can’t get past how helpful Haddie was for NOTHING. I’m actually thinking about watching this over again since it’s still on my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime recordings for the next week until it erases itself. I just want to see Amber’s shock once more of being treated with respect by a REAL gentleman! I hope that Ryan sticks around, and doesn’t get scared off by Zeke. :p

  2. I love this show but this weeks episode was disappointing. They chose to lie to Haddie and it was wrong. I hope that Kristina and Adam apologize and let Haddie help them. Children/grandchildren want to help when a loved one is really ill. Sarah moving in with Mark and not thinking about her son just makes me furious. She was just so selfish. I have finally started to like Sarah but this just makes me think she really is selfish. The biggest disappointment to me was the lie because they value truth. Its 2 weeks until we see the next episode.

  3. Oh, you’re right! Parenthood’s not on next week — and I don’t think it’s on the week after because of the election. Looks like my “until next week” was a bit wrong. Thanks for mentioning it!

  4. It’s been confirmed that we’ll have to wait until November 13 for a new episode. 😦

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