American Horror Story: Welcome to Briarcliff

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – ASYLUM: 2.01 “Welcome to Briarcliff”

I gave my soul to a reader until I wrote about Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. While I’m glad to have it back, I’m just relieved it didn’t fall in the hands of Bloody Face.

So the premiere of this season of AHS was a bit…dizzying. Don’t get me wrong — I followed it. But a lot happened in this episode! We had mysterious beasts, aliens, torture, murder, and, of course, Bloody Face. All in the name of making us all healthy. You know, there’s something especially creepy when people claim to do something for your own good when it is especially, say, um, terrifying.

Let’s get to some of the details. First: Leo and Teresa visit Briarcliff in the present day as part of their “Haunted Honeymoon” tour. First, that sounds like an awful idea. Second, these are two horrible people! Not to say that getting your arm ripped off by some mysterious beast and getting (I assume) slaughtered by Bloody Face was necessarily deserved, but I did cringe more at some of their reactions to the gritty details of the asylum more than their ultimate fates. Of course, with Leo still lying shocked but living (though I assume dying) on the floor and not seeing what happened to Theresa, I guess there’s a chance that we may see more of them. That could be just more of them…scattered about the premises, though.

Back in the 1960s, we get a very different view of Briarcliff. It’s clean. It’s strict. But it’s still horrifying. The real mystery here is who really is Bloody Face. According to those in charge, it’s Kit. But I don’t believe it. They’re setting him up as a sympathetic character, which makes me want to root for him, but most of all, it’s because of that creepy mechanical crawly that came out of his body.

Speaking of, what’d you think of the alien storyline? At first glance, it didn’t fit, right? But see, this is an American horror story from the 1960s. And what were people thinking about in the 1960s? Scifi stuff. So I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I could have done without the torture scene with Arden. Especially the eyes. Oh, that eye contraption… Ok, I’m going to move on.

Let’s get to some bullets because this episode had so much going on, it’s hard to keep it all straight. Here are some (Briar)cliff’s notes for my reactions (ha! a pun!):

  • Sister Jude: I’m not quite sure what to think of her yet. I’d love to have seen her more pious to start with, and then discover her creepiness. That was all too blatant. And I could live without her in lingerie.
  • The common room: A place I never want to visit, but that music just made you go insane, whether you started that way or not. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s a link that includes a video of the song (and possible spoilers, if you’re worried about that).
  • Lana: She really displays every reason journalists grind my nerves, but I did feel sorry for her. Her girlfriend was in a rough spot, but Lana doesn’t know that. And now, as we’ve learned, once she’s there, she’ll never get out.
  • The beasts: What’s outside? What was in that room Arden was cleaning? Things we don’t know yet. And was Kit his latest victim for beast food? I doubt it. But I am surprised that Sister Mary Eunice is Arden’s confidante. I wonder what she’s hiding to make her an ally?
  • Any thoughts on Grace? I don’t know. She seems too good to be true…

I think that covers all the main points, but I bet there’s a lot that I missed. What’d you think? And what’d I miss? And what are your best guesses?

And do you know who Bloody Face is yet?


One thought on “American Horror Story: Welcome to Briarcliff

  1. Soul on loan pending further, TIMELY reviews. 😉 I could do without Jessica Lange in lingerie as well…and I don’t like her accent! I think I’m missing Constance and her fabulous attitude.

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