Fringe: The Recordist

FRINGE: 5.03 “The Recordist”

It’s taken me a long time to write about last Friday’s episode of Fringe, mainly because I haven’t had many positive thoughts about it. Honestly, I haven’t had many thoughts on it at all, and those that I have had weren’t all that great.

The quest to find the tapes sounded like we at least could guess the direction that this season would be taking us. Unfortunately, if last Friday’s episode was any indication, it’s not going to be a great ride. I cared little for this community of fungal recorders, and I really just wanted to get back to the drama. Am I heartless? Perhaps. But let me explain.

Clearly, whatever was infecting these people was bad. It killed whoever went down into that mine almost on contact. But these people were also able to survive it in whatever small dose they were exposed to. So the threat didn’t seem all that real when Walter and Olivia started showing signs of having it. In the end, we never really discovered if their infestation was going to have any bad repercussions. It was just…there.

Meanwhile, the story with the man who eventually sacrificed himself was a little tedious. He was a cowardly, flip-flopping guy, and while I think the writers did a good job leading up to the surprise of his sacrifice (for a while there, I thought he just blew up the mine), it felt a little lackluster. Of course, he would sacrifice himself, especially given what it would mean for his son. I was left feeling sad. Not emotional or invested, just sad and a little let down.

The episode was just lacking for me, and the payoff was dull. The highlight of the episode was seeing the Fringe comics and hearing more about Olivia and Peter’s relationship, but those were brief moments in a rather long episode. In the end, I would have left the roadtrip in PA to our imagination, and spend my time with Astrid in the Harvard basement.

Those are just my thoughts. What were yours?


One thought on “Fringe: The Recordist

  1. Agree- nothing super interesting so far. Maybe only the relationship between Etta and Olivia. let#s see how that develops.

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