Vampire Diaries: You Feed or You Die

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.02 “Growing Pains”

Kudos to Vampire Diaries. Based on last year’s season finale, I was sure that Elena would be transitioning in this episode, and the big debate would be who and how she would feed. In the end, someone like Matt or Jeremy would step up to let her feed on him, to sacrifice a part of themselves (they wouldn’t die, mind you) and save her.

But this episode actually made you wonder whether there’d be a loophole. Bonnie’s attempt to save her (though still, I don’t know how dragging her from the jail cell she was in would help) put a new possibility into the whole story. What if she really could save Elena?

On top of this, while feeding was the backup plan, we had the reverend, rounding up the vampire population one by one, making even the final opportunity for feeding near impossible. It was quickly becoming you wait and you die, not you feed or you live.

So good job, TVD. In the end, Elena still became a vamp, but we certainly had a ride on the way there. And with the Council quickly taking over the town, you really wonder what’s going to happen next. There are definitely dark times ahead.

But let’s forget all that and focus on two main people: Damon and Bonnie. Let’s start with Damon. Clearly, Damon’s not handling the whole realization that not only is Elena a vampire and Stefan let her die, but she chose Stefan in the end, not him. Even after she remembered the heartbreaking confession that he loved her a few seasons ago (I’m so glad she finally remembered that!), she still chose Stefan in this episode, stating later that she would be with him forever. Of course, I’m a huge Damon shipper, and I look forward to seeing how he’ll react to her new role on the show (plus, Stefan’s boring as all get-out), but I just wish he’d get a happy ending already.

And I wouldn’t mind his giving Matt a break, too. It wasn’t his choice, after all.

As for Bonnie, well, I’m not really sure what happened. I mean, I saw it, and I understand that the dark magic basically took out her Grams, but what does that mean for Bonnie in the long run? Is there more dark power headed her way? Bonnie’s always been one for vengeance, so will she take out what happened on her peers, knowing Klaus was the one who made her do it (and Caroline begged her to do it, too, since she wanted Tyler to live). I certainly don’t think that was the end of Bonnie’s dark magic consequences, but I don’t know what’s next.

What’d you think of the premiere?


3 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: You Feed or You Die

  1. I loved the premiere! I really thought they were going to find some way out of Elena turning into a vampire, which I did not want to happen. There always seems to be some kind of spell Bonnie can do to fix things and this time there finally wasn’t. I was very happy about that! Although, I’m not thrilled with Elena’s choice…Damon is so much better. 🙂

    I’m not too sure what happened with Bonnie and her grandmother…but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. And I was surprised they killed off the reverend this soon! Personally, I think Damon compelled him to do that. What would be another reason?

  2. I can’t believe I forgot to write about the reverend. And your thought about Damon compelling him is a really smart idea! After all, didn’t the reverend come outside to see Damon?

    I wonder, though, if it’s something else. My first thought was something cultish, like maybe there’s some higher power going through this “reverend,” and we’re going to find out he didn’t die in that explosion. I don’t know… I guess we’ll have to see!

  3. True. A cult or something might make more sense. I can’t see them getting rid of the reverend that quickly…Who else will want the vampires to be gone from Mystic Falls?

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