Parenthood: Time to Tell

PARENTHOOD: 4.05 “There’s Something I Need to Tell You”

I have to give this episode of Parenthood props. Last week, the promos felt like this entire episode would be dedicating to telling the entire Braverman clan about Kristina’s news. I was afraid we’d get a very melodramatic hour with many reactions and tears. Instead, we got a very different episode with just a quiet last few minutes, only seeing reactions, no words. It was very well done.

The few people we did see hear the news — and their reactions — were Haddie and Max. Haddie’s reaction was…well…Haddie. I understood completely where she was coming from, though she still came across in a bitchy, snotty way that is Haddie. Max, though, was so interesting to watch. After Kristina and Adam told him, you really didn’t know whether he understood. It wasn’t until he processed and started asking questions, to Amber and to Kristina, that you saw that he was reacting and he did care. It, too, was very well done.

Meanwhile, we had some actual plot. I can’t say I’m pleased that Hank kissed Sarah (uggh!). I just feel that dumbs down a really good plot and platonic relationship I was enjoying seeing. Now it’s going to bring about a lot of unnecessary (and predictable) drama.

I loved seeing Julia’s storyline, though I don’t know what to think of the end. It’s certainly something that many career-focused women face. I loved seeing Julia’s reaction as they told her she was on the partner track, but now after six months of distracted work and one mistake, she’s no longer on that track and lucky to be at the company at all.

Was it good that she quit? Well, there’s certainly going to be a lot of struggle ahead, and it does make me sad to see that Julia, who seemed to have it all, wasn’t able to keep it going (what does that mean for the real world if the fictional can’t make it?). Joel hasn’t yet discovered the news, but after the breakdown she had in the kitchen, I don’t think he’ll be too upset.

Anyway, it looks like there’s a lot more drama ahead. I hope the writers handle the rest of the season the way they’ve been handling the last few episodes. They’ve just done well.


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