HIMYM: Nannies

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.03 “Nannies”

Oh, HIMYM, why do you do this to me? I put so much faith in you after your premiere episode, and then you dash my dreams with this not-so-stellar episode this week (and frankly, last week).

Here’s the thing: We already know that all the established unmarried couples — Barney/Quinn, Robin/Nick, Ted/Victoria — are destined to break up. We know that Barney ends up ready to marry Robin somewhere further down the road and that Victoria isn’t the mother. So why must they remind us multiple times that they don’t last, especially by identifying “breakup month” over and over. Last week, they told us it was breakup month, and by the end, Quinn and Barney called it quits. This week, not only did the Ted voiceover tell us in the beginning of the episode about breakup month, he reiterated it at the end that these relationships don’t last and that they’ll be over at the end of the month.

Ok, we get it. They’re going to break up.

Where is the element of surprise? At this point, at the end of every episode, I expect some disastrous thing to happen, either someone breaking up or heading their way there. If they had just left it open, perhaps we wouldn’t sit here wasting our time (and frankly, I’m just upset that we finally got Robin with Nick after many hints over a couple seasons, and this is a waste of a character). It’s just frustrating in the usual HIMYM style, and it’s rather reminiscent of our time with Zooey.

As for the real plot here, well, I don’t have much to say. Ted and Robin’s competition seemed silly and trite (it seems odd to me for Ted to have referenced the competition between exes when it’s really been a while since they’ve dated). As for Barney’s quest to get back into the dating scene, well…

JC said something as we were watching this episode. Have you noticed that Barney’s pursuit to get into the pants of every female New Yorker has become a little less entertaining and a little more evil? It’s been a very subtle shift, but I think he has a point. Sure, everything he did last night felt like it fit well into the playbook of a few seasons ago, but that was the extreme, right? Now it’s an everyday occurrence.

Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just something to note. But I did think it was rather mean of him to ruin Lily and Marshall’s nanny search (even if he did try to make it up to them by paying the salary of the perfect nanny). In the end, though, was anyone else surprised that Lily’s dad came through? Most of the episode featuring Lily’s father (most of which I hate) end up with a heartwarming ending, so there was no real surprise there. But I guess it is rather sweet.

Overall, the episode was fine. I just really hope for more. If this is the series’ last season (and I hope it is), can’t we strive for a little bit better?


5 thoughts on “HIMYM: Nannies

  1. Yeah, this one was not very good, and Barney’s behavior really bothered me. I know he’s always been like that, but it just wasn’t funny anymore. It was like the kind of thing that a sociopath does, not a well meaning but horny friend. Ugh.

  2. The show’s been going downhill for the last few seasons. And I say this as a HUGE fan of the show. It’s one of my all time favorites but that opinion’s mostly based on the first 4-5 seasons. Marshall has become a completely unlikable character. It’s almost like Jason Segal is trying to get written off the show.

    HIMYM use to be one of the most clever shows on TV, and now it couldn’t be farther from that. The entire show has been dumbed down for a wider audience. Last nights episode was a perfect example of that.

    The first two episodes of this season were 25 minutes of awfulness followed by 5 minutes of brilliance. I can’t say the same for last nights. I’m not sure I laughed even once.

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