Doctor Who: Goodbye Ponds

DOCTOR WHO:  7.05 “The Angels Take Manhattan”

KT always rips out the last page of a book. (No, that’s a lie, I’m sorry. That would be sacrilege.)

It’s been more than a week, and I’ve been remiss. I could tell you it was a busy week, but let’s be honest.  There may have been a bit of this going on, too:


So I’m going to cheat a bit, and point you to my favorite review of the episode, courtesy of  I particularly like Jusino’s breakdown of the episode’s strengths and weaknesses—because, although I liked it very much and thought that it was a fitting send-off for the Ponds, nothing’s perfect, right?

In particular, the handwaving over why we couldn’t just pop back and get Rory one more time simply has to be accepted as “because we can’t”—thinking about it too hard makes it fall apart.  And I’m on board with Jusino’s conclusions that Lady Liberty could hardly be an Angel in the first place, and even if she were, could certainly never get so far away from home without being noticed.  On the other hand, the statue’s appearance was nicely foreshadowed by the poster in the elevator at Winter Quay, which I appreciated.  I also appreciated the way the noir styling helped to keep the pace in check, at least until Amy and Rory got to the roof.


That, fortunately, is a fake-out.  It’s an emotional scene, regardless, because of the way we’ve seen Amy and Rory’s relationship grow and evolve, but writing them off by having them save the world through mutual suicide would have been horrible.  (The tendency in time travel stories to fix things through suicide is bad enough.)

Instead, it happened more or less like I thought it would—the only way the Doctor would ever stop returning to the Ponds is if they were beyond his reach, which is exactly where the Angels put them.  I loved that we got a brief afterword from Amy to reassure us, though I would have liked a glimpse in at their lives.  But this fan-written obituary for Amy fills in the gaps quite nicely.

Along the same lines, if you want a screencap:

Source: via Ken on Pinterest


And after all…

Source: Uploaded by user via Ken on Pinterest


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