Last Resort: Blue on Blue

LAST RESORT: 1.02 “Blue on Blue”

Before I discuss last night’s great episode of Last Resort, I want to apologize for all you readers out there. I’ve been awful at getting reviews up this week, but I just couldn’t let an episode of Last Resort go by without singing its praises. So here we go.

As I’m sure you noticed in watching last night’s episode, a lot was going on all at once last night. The team aboard the Colorado is certainly not out of the woods, and even though they have a 200 mile perimeter around the island, some people don’t want to play that way. Russia has decided to make a play for the ship, and neither the crew nor America are all too pleased.

But we didn’t realize they were Russians at first. At first, we thought they were Deltas, America’s own soldiers, ready to take out the bad guys. In the hopes to surprise them, 13 of the Colorado crew went to to greet them. It could have been a success, a suicide mission, or anywhere in between. In the end, it was a success — but with five dead, it wasn’t a happy end.

The power in this episode, though, wasn’t in this fight. It was in how Chaplin handled not only the Secretary of Defense but also his former contact in Russia. It was in how we saw Grace try to gain the respect of her team (even when two of those team members were there to kill her). And it was in seeing XO Sam take a leadership role.

These were all great aspects of the episode, and yet again I was blown away by this cast. While I’ve always had the highest respect for Braugher, I didn’t really know what Speedman would bring to the table. But seeing these two together — that talk they had at the end of the episode — they have a great bond that comes alive on screen. They’re a great pair, with great chemistry, and it’s just generally a winning combination for Last Resort. As long as I see these two in scenes together, I’ll continue to watch week after week.

Beyond that, we still have a lot of areas of grey we’re trying to figure out. We discovered the Chaplin may have a reason to go against America, now that we know his son was killed by friendly fire. I still trust him, but I like that I’m being asked whether I really should. I like that we still don’t know what happened before James King came on board the Colorado. I like that we still don’t know who is in charge of all the events leading up to the infamous order that Chaplin refused. But we do know that apparently powerful and dangerous people are involved if the one who asked questions — Kylie’s friend — was poisoned after looking into it.

Most of all, I like that we’re not the only ones wondering. These questions are being asked as much on our living room couches as they are in the events playing on screen, and as much as I want Christine to be happy again, I’m so intrigued to see what these officials are doing to the soft spots in the crewmen’s hearts.

There’s still a lot to learn in this show, and things continue to heat up. How this is sustainable and how it could go past the first season is still a big question in my mind. But with so many others coming to the surface, I’m happy to push that down for now and just enjoy the ride in a hunted submarine.


2 thoughts on “Last Resort: Blue on Blue

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could find out the facts on the historical Russian vs. Russian battle that Chapman mentioned in Blue on Blue when he discussed what he expected to be a US vs. US battle to stop the special forces airdropped into the island. I couldn’t hear the name, but they mentioned it.

  2. From what I can tell, he was talking about the Siege of Grozny in 1994. It was one I hadn’t heard about before, but I did find a little on it. Here’s something from the BBC: and the wikipedia page:

    And for those of you who don’t remember the scene where they talked about it, here’s a clip:

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