Last Resort: Just Crazy Enough

LAST RESORT: 1.01 “Captain”

Congratulations, Last Resort. You are officially my favorite new series of 2012. Your premiere sold me, and now I’m hooked.

It doesn’t hurt that the show started with a fantastic leading man. Andre Braugher was great in his role as Captain Chaplin. This is a man that can handle any speech he’s given. Alongside him was Scott Speedman. Of course, I hadn’t seen Speedman in anything since Felicity (and I can’t say I was too impressed with him then, even though I was a Felicity fan), and he truly impressed me in this show.

But beyond the cast, this episode had everything a show struggles with in its pilot. Somehow, this show conquered complex character development, plot, and intrigue all at once. In the end, you have no idea if Chaplin is good, bad, or in between. And while he may be “just crazy enough,” you really wonder if the man at the end of the episode calling this island his new home is anywhere close to the structure, fun, personable man that we saw commanding his ship in the first fifteen minutes. That, along with his frightening speech to the television cameras and his declaration that he now owns the boat and the NATO command center really make you wonder what side of treason he really is on. His reasons not to shoot the missiles made sense at the time…but what about now?

Meanwhile, we have a mystery that isn’t revealing its whole hand in the first hour (hello, Revolution). We know that a US ship targeted the Colorado. We know that someone in the US used it as a tool to start a war with Pakistan. Btu we don’t know a lot of other important details that answers the questions, why? why? and why?

Plus, we have new faces on the ship that makes you wonder what role they play. One person is claiming it’s his fault at the bar. Another is babbling in his pain-induced stupor. What secrets are they holding on to?

Of course, there were weaknesses. The sex-position (borrowed from Game of Thrones) to explain the prototype on the sub was just ridiculous. I also didn’t like the gang on the island; they could have easily been introduced in a later episode (even the second episode). And while I did like that some of Chaplin’s 150 crew were wary of his turning against orders, I would have liked to see more men’s reactions, other than just the four we saw.

Overall, though, I was on the edge of my seat, and I want to know what’s next. What’d you think?



2 thoughts on “Last Resort: Just Crazy Enough

  1. Only saw bits and pieces of this but it seemed really cool. I’m definitely looking forward to watching the whole thing over again, and hopefully following the rest of the season.

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