Parenthood: Everything Is Not OK

PARENTHOOD: 4.03 “Everything Is Not Okay”

Well, the breast cancer scare of last week was in full focus this week, and Adam and Kristina figured out next steps. If you thought this would be the main feature of the episode — telling the family, reacting to the news, taking next steps — you were only partly right.

As it turned out, a lot of other things were going on as well. Max was overly upset about a vending machine. Amber was dealing with Adam’s rudeness at work. Sarah was trying to get her new boss to do a wedding. In other words, a lot of general, daily life things.

And isn’t that what really happens? A huge, life-altering discovery is made, and while you’re trying to stop, catch your breath, and figure out what’s next, the world just keeps spinning, and people keep demanding your time and attention.

Anyway, about the specifics. I thought they handled Kristina’s breast cancer well, starting from the beginning. Choosing the right doctor, talking to other people, and just reacting. I liked their discussions about the doctor (I would have had Adam’s reaction, too, actually), and I liked her conversation with the other patient, explaining how he’s really the one to pick. I thought her conversation with Adam about how he can’t fix everything and she just needs to be scared was very real. Kudos.

I also liked Adam’s conversation with Amber. As much as Amber has had her share of idiotic moments, when she’s a strong woman in a scene, she shines. I always enjoy how she works with Max (I’d forgotten how good she was until they were in the car together), and I thought she handled herself with Adam well. Nice.

As for Max, well, his announcement about running for class president was no surprise to me. When he was explaining the importance of the vending machine (right before the girl snottily says, “Good luck with that,” or something of that sort), it sounded like a campaign speech. So his announcement was foreshadowed.

But what really stood out to me there was his friend’s reaction: “Have you ever thought of putting some Skittles in Max’s lunch?” I like that kid.

Everything else in the episode…it was fine. I still like Sarah and Ray Romano, but I really don’t want them to get together. They have great platonic chemistry, and I don’t want to lose that. I guess we’ll see. But I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed later.

Did I miss anything? I might have. So spill it below in the comments. What’d you think?


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