Switched at Birth: The Right to Remain Silent

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.25 “The Shock of Being Seen”

What an interesting little episode we had here. Somehow they actually fit in every person in the series in a rather cohesive and non-distracting way. I actually…liked it.

What I also liked was that they mixed the characters up a bit: Simone and Regina; Katherine and Toby; Bay and her Dad; Daphne and Angelo. These people may have rare interactions — a brief back and forth while in a group, maybe — but very few scenes where it’s just the two of them.

The one I enjoyed the most had to be Daphne and Angelo, possibly because it was so complex. Angelo knows that he’s done something wrong, but he’s just so desperate for everyone to get past it. But for the girl whose father left her when she was a kid, the scar is still there. She can’t just easily let it go. Why can’t he get that? Nonetheless, their complex relationship was definitely one I enjoyed watching.

I also loved seeing Toby and Katherine. Toby, as I’ve said before, is one of my favorite characters. And it’s unfortunate that we’ve really only seen him as the guy you talk to to bounce ideas off of in the music studio, or the guy who’s arguing over sports vs. music with his dad. This time, we have Katherine trying to make him feel better by having him sing at a local church. I actually enjoyed their duet (her voice wasn’t perfect, but I was expecting much worse), and it was nice avoiding some of that drama for once.

Plus, I liked Nikki. She seemed cute. That being said, I get nervous when a show on ABC Family starts referencing church. I don’t want this to get too Secret Life, if you know what I mean, and become way too preachy.

Meanwhile, we had Regina and Simone. This was a pretty short scene, but I did enjoy it. What surprised me more, though, was that both Regina and Katherine discovered in this episode what happened with Simone and Emmett. Why did I think they already knew?

Finally, Bay overall just had a lot of drama. She and her dad, she and Emmett, she and Zara. Which is kinda disappointing because I miss the old Bay. I don’t like this dark, rebellious Bay. And while I realize it takes a little bit of her rebelliousness away when she told her dad about her street art (which really does look like it’s bordering closer to tagging and graffiti now that her angry girl is gone — maybe I’m more like her dad than I thought), I don’t know. I don’t love Zara, and I just miss the sweet, happy Bay.

Perhaps that was Emmett’s influence, and that was the point. On the bright side, it looks like she still has feelings for him, and we know he hasn’t moved on yet. But with a new girl on the scene, but there’s more drama ahead.

What am I talking about? Of course, there’s more drama ahead. That’s what we watch the show for.


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