How I Met Your Mother: Farhampton

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.01 “Farhampton”

There’s a lot to be said about last night’s premiere of HIMYM, and I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps I should start where the writers did, a little ways down the road.

Last season we discovered that Ted met the mother the day of a certain wedding, and by the end of the season, we found out that it was Barney’s wedding to Robin. This season, whether that wedding happened is still up in the air. Barney’s trying to crawl out a window, and Robin has doubts of her own. But that’s not really what this episode was about, was it. Instead, it was about a different bride, a different groom, and strangely enough, the same window.

I can’t say I was pleased with Ted last season (nor were many other viewers). As someone who was left at the altar, it seemed odd that he’d run away with a bride on her wedding day, leaving some poor guy to be the Ted of that day. This episode helped Ted out a little. Clearly realizing something was wrong with this plan, he forces Victoria to write a note for Klaus.

Here’s where we realize that Victoria is perhaps not the sweet, kind-hearted person we thought she was. Not only was she not planning on saying anything to Klaus, but she was heartless in the way she wrote her note, then cowardly in getting the note back in her room. The entire episode, I just thought that Victoria was becoming a bigger and bigger bitch (pardon my French).

Meanwhile, we discover through all of Teds antics that Klaus was planning on leaving himself. True, this makes Victoria the wronged party, but what was truly interesting about this was Ted’s discussion with him. Something in this plan felt amiss for Ted, and he wanted to know why this vision of perfection in Victoria wasn’t quite right. For Klaus, she wasn’t quite the one. And he knew the one was out there. And by the look on Ted’s face, he knows it, too. I guess this will put a grey cloud over Ted and Victoria’s relationship, not that we should be too surprised, since we know she’s not the mother.

Instead, we find that this wasn’t the only momentous event on the train platform, as that’s where Ted will eventually meet the famed mother (in pretty fabulous shoes, I might add).

Now, to switch gears and put our feet firmly in the present, we have Barney and Quinn, who are engaged. Barney doesn’t want anyone to tell Quinn that he dated Robin, and Lily and Marshall, in their tired, new-parent stupor, of course, do.

This felt a little dumb to me. I feel like the “Robin as ex-girlfriend” question has happened before (though I can’t figure out when off the top of my head), and Quinn’s reaction seemed to be over the top. That being said, I loved that Barney was able to dictate the entire history of the show in less than 50 second (a little nod to the viewers who constantly ask how all these things are related — including the things that Barney said were irrelevant).

In the end, we have Barney and Quinn happy again, convinced there are no lingering feelings now that Robin is with Nick. My only complaint is that having seen glimpses of Nick for a while now, we didn’t get to see them actually get together. Of course, those lingering feelings are still there, based on Robin’s reaction in the storage unit and the fact that Barney even has said unit to begin with.

In the end, while there were some weak moments, I was actually rather pleased with the episode. We’ve come closer than ever in seeing the mother, and we’re moving along toward the wedding day that reveals it all. Not too shabby for what I hope is the final season opener of the series.


3 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother: Farhampton

  1. I’m not sure if the show was clear on this, but did it say how many years there were in between when Ted was running away with Victoria and when he finally meets the mother in the yellow umbrella?

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