Switched at Birth: The Trouble with Redheads

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.25 “The Shock of Being Seen”

I found this episode of Switched at Birth…interesting. Let’s start with Daphne because that really was part of the episode that I breathed a sigh of relief about in the end.

I’ve learned through a number of TV series that whenever a high school girl gets together with an older man (usually a teacher), the entire show suffers. I’m still lamenting the trainwreck that was Life Unexpected. In this case, it appeared that Daphne was going after her chef, and I wasn’t looking forward to it.

But in a humiliating turn of events, Chef Jeff wasn’t interested in her at all. I understand why Daphne thought he was, but did she really think he’d be serving wine to an underage girl? Now, I do think it’s interesting that he got together with Emmett’s mother instead. And when Daphne figures that one out, it really should be huge.

In other news, Katherine and Regina had an interview, in which Katherine felt ignored. I did feel bad for her. As soon as the reporter made a comment about how she had so many nannies that could help her raise Bay — and distracted her from noticing anything was wrong — I winced for her. That was rough. And Regina was the hero. Not great.

But that last scene with Regina and Katherine was great, looking over the babies, noting that they really all did look similar. Yes, most mothers would feel a connection with their child, but it’s not Katherine’s fault that she didn’t know Bay wasn’t Daphne.

And in new news, we found another clue to the court case. This could be interesting, especially since I think this will get Angelo in a lot of trouble with the group, since clearly he knew his anonymous source much more than he was telling. But I’m more interested in seeing that they hadn’t forgotten that intimate moment between Katherine and the lawyer. I was frustrated in the premiere that this was just ignored and forgotten. I thought they had fired him and moved on, just making us forget the whole incident in the process. But no, it’s still one big elephant in the room. When that blows up, it will be a huge mess.

Finally, Bay. I’m not thrilled with Bay’s story this season, and I don’t think her getting involved with this street art group is going to be a good thing. In fact, I predict something very bad is coming up.

So what’d you think? Any reactions to the episode?


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