Thursday Open Thread: Worst Upcoming Shows

So at this point, you’ve probably seen all (or most) of the promos, and you generally know what new shows you’re going to check out.

But here’s a question for you:

Which shows look terrible? Which are you going to miss?

Sure, you might not have seen it yet, but what show just looks awful, and you think it’s the next worst show on TV?

For me, it’s The Neighbors. Seriously, how did this show ever get made? Aliens living next door? Are you kidding me? Maybe in 1980, but not now. Plus, with a sloppy cast, there’s nothing to even make me think there’s hope.

So that’s one I’m missing. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Worst Upcoming Shows

  1. I agree. The Neighbors looks really stupid. When I see a preview for shows like this, I always imagine what the pitch sounds like. Haha. The person says, well you have a basic neighborhood, but here’s the twist! The neighbors are aliens!! I don’t see how that show can last more than a few episodes.

  2. I haven’t seen the previews, but apprently it’s like 3rd Rock but they are the only humans in the devlopment. I loved 3rd Rock, so it could be awesome. Then again, John Lithgow could make the worst show emmy-worthy, so who knows… Last Resort has a great cast but seems SO far-fetched, I don’t think it’s sustainable.

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