Drop Dead Diva: The Change-up

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.14 “Jane’s Getting Married”

Um, what?! Did anyone else catch the ending of Drop Dead Diva?! Did anyone else gasp or start yelling things at the TV?!

Come on, people, don’t tell me I’m alone.

But in my usual sense, I waited a day before writing on the episode. I needed to digest. I needed to think. And I’m glad I did. Because frankly, while the episode was entertaining, I started to find holes in the picture.

What I liked: Let’s start with what I liked. First of all (and most of all), I loved seeing Jane’s dilemma about getting married. It wasn’t just that she’d be saying good-bye to Grayson forever. It was that all the dreaming and planning for her own wedding that she had been doing for so long before her death was out the window. Instead, she had to fit into Jane’s childhood dreams. Instead of wearing her mother’s bracelet, she was wearing Jane’s mother’s tiara. Things were different, and she was finally giving up Deb’s life.

Another thing I liked? Dead Jane. I loved discovering what the soul of Jane was doing while Deb was taking over her life. Plus, we got to see Fred again. Who can complain about that?

What else? Grayson, of course! Hello! Weren’t we all waiting for this moment? Yes! Yippee! Hurray!

What I didn’t like: The courtcases. Actually, that’s not true. I actually liked the court cases — just not in this episode. This was the HUGE WEDDING EPISODE. Why were we focusing so much on two different cases instead of more time with the bride and the wedding and the DRAMA!? They could have spent a lot more time focusing on the big event.

Also, while I loved seeing Fred again, it wasn’t enough. Jane figured out the return way too easily. Plus, is there really a difference between the “Return” and “Enter” button? Does any keyboard have both?

Meanwhile, the part where Jane couldn’t leave the room just felt ridiculous. Methinks her mother would have gone to check on her long before Grayson did.

Finally, the end. While, yes, I was on the edge of my seat and (as I mentioned before) screaming at the TV. But Owen’s heart attack was no surprise. In fact, based on the promo, I figured it would happen. It was that gray cloud I mentioned before. So, yeah, I kinda figured that one. But what bothered me more was having the real Jane pop into Owen’s body. That seemed, well, a little to…convenient? I mean, the probability that would really happen is low. Deb was sent into a random body, but Jane just happened to go into Owen’s?

What’s to come? Who knows. I can say this. Now I really feel bad that I doubted Owen. It’s going to be weird with Jane in Owen’s body and Deb in Jane’s. But I have faith for our characters. Perhaps this means Owen might be able to get back in his body at some point. (Who knows? I can’t imagine that the heart attack actually killed him, but maybe I’m wrong.) Perhaps this means that Fred may be back, as Jane’s — er, Old Jane/Owen’s — guardian angel.

Or maybe it just means that a certain bitter Jane is going to make it hell for Deb/Jane. But no one will know when it’s coming from a bitter ex-fiance who caught his fiancee cheating on his wedding day.

Crazy times, this Drop Dead Diva. And all complaining aside, I can’t wait to see more!

*image courtesy of Lifetime


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