Fall Is Here! What’s Coming Up This Week?

Well, it’s that time when leaves are falling — but you don’t see them because you’re glued to your TV. Fall premieres have been trickling in, so I thought it’d be helpful to let you all know of the upcoming premieres this week, so you can start scheduling your TV time.

Please note that I won’t be telling you everything that’s new, so don’t forget some of your favorites that are ongoing (Alphas and Switched at Birth, for example), but hopefully this will be helpful.

I’m only noting the major networks here, along with a handful of scripted cable networks. Anything with an asterisk (*) is a series premiere. All times are Eastern, so adjust accordingly.

The Voice, 8 pm, NBC
(There’s also a sneak peek of The New Normal and Go On starting at 10 pm on NBC.)

*Go On, 9 pm, NBC (now in its regular timeslot, though you might’ve caught the premiere during the Olympics or online)
*The New Normal, 9:30 pm, NBC (now in its regular timeslot, though if you can’t wait, this one’s also online)
Parenthood, 10 pm, NBC
Sons of Anarchy, 10 pm, FX

The X Factor, 8 pm, FOX
*Guys With Kids, 10 pm, NBC

Glee, 9 pm, FOX

Shark Tank, 8 pm, ABC
What Would You Do?, 9 pm, ABC

(Nothing premiering here. You can watch the leaves instead.)

Boardwalk Empire, 9 pm, HBO

So I guess you can call this a slow build. There are a couple of new shows, a handful of old ones. I’m curious to see what this week will hold. What will you be watching?

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if any of these are incorrect. Check your local listings.
Some websites have some confusing schedules in these early days of Fall!


2 thoughts on “Fall Is Here! What’s Coming Up This Week?

  1. Boardwalk, for sure, and Parenthood. But everything else? I don’t know; I really have very little interest in this lineup.

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