Drop Dead Diva: The Case Against Owen

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been writing much about Drop Dead Diva as of late. Yes, I missed an episode. But I quickly caught up, and I’ve been watching it ever since. In fact, I’m anxiously awaiting Sunday’s finale (it has a rather intense promo, by the way).

So why haven’t I been writing?

Well, it all comes down to one thing — one person, really: Owen. The show has had some fantastic cases, great side plots. And overall, I’ve still really been enjoying it. But I’ve been biting my tongue when it comes to the show because of Owen.

Owen’s a great guy. I’ve liked him for Jane for a while. Of course, my heart of hearts still wants Jane with Grayson. Why wouldn’t you? But let’s not dwell on that. As far as guys go, Owen’s a great one.

But his little disappearing act makes me pause. The annoyance and hatred that Jane felt for Owen when he disappeared — the one that I’m sure hurt every viewer along the way — has stuck with me. Yes, I know it wasn’t Owen’s fault. He had a heart attack and had to go into emergency surgery. No one could call. Blah. Blah. Blah.

But there’s still a hesitation in my heart about Owen. Their getting back together so easily just felt too good to be true. The way that Owen told her he didn’t want to get back together in order to protect her just felt too…contrived. It made me wonder, is Owen really hiding something?

Let’s go back to Owen’s being a good guy, though (and a judge at that). So let’s just say that he’s not hiding something. Ok, well, he still has this heart condition. Which makes me just — every moment — wonder when he’s going to drop dead. This isn’t heartless, and this isn’t morbid. Frankly, this is TV. And TV writers know just when to bring the viewers to the edge of their seats…and then to their knees. This means that any moment, we could get an Ally McBeal-esque moment where Jane’s in the courtroom, and Owen falls over. It’s a rough thing to hang over a viewer’s head. And with a wedding coming up (and apparently the drama that comes with), I’m especially nervous.

So in the last few weeks, I’ve just been very hesitant to write about Owen. I don’t want to be too happy. But I don’t want to be too cynical. Part of me really does like Owen. There’s just something keeping me at arm’s length from Owen — and in effect, Jane’s happiness. Perhaps I’m just that hopeless romantic desperately clinging to Grayson’s love for her (which, by the way, just sorta disappeared in episodes of late, basically as soon as the engagement was back on). Actually, that could be very true.

But overall, I just see a dark cloud hanging over Owen’s head. And it just makes me incredibly nervous.

Will I be watching Sunday? Hell yes. I have to see how this one turns out. I’m already at the end of my seat. (Darn you, writers.)

*images courtesy of Lifetime


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