Switched at Birth: Slow Build

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.23 “This Is the Color of My Dreams”

Well, if you were itching for a high-drama premiere of Switched at Birth, I’m not sure you got it. Perhaps it’s because we forgot that we’re not really in a new season. We’re still in the first season of this ever-freshman drama, and while the cliffhanger couldn’t be beat (trust me, I rewatched it before the premiere), this episode had what my headline indicates: a show build.

I blame advertising. The episode itself was fine. I got wrapped up in Bay’s drama with Emmett, and I was even somewhat interested in Daphne’s struggle at the restaurant. But when the promos showed people constantly yelling — “You ruined everything!” — and two little words that would rock your world, I was just expecting more.

For example, the promo seemed to make the wedding the big thing of the series. Well, the wedding turned out to be a dream in the cold open (which I called, by the way). Sure, they got married in the end of the episode, but the drama just wasn’t there. It was…kinda boring.

Plus, it wasn’t realistic. The judge just said Angelo was to be deported in 48 hours. Do you think the cops would really let him out of their site to let him get married? Do you really think the judge wouldn’t be all over them in a heartbeat to see if this was a legitimate marriage? That so obviously looked like people trying to keep him in the country to me (which, of course, we all knew was the case).

Meanwhile, Bay came back with a new boy toy after her trip abroad. It’s not that I didn’t like this, but it sure subdued the drama with Emmett. Even her moment yelling at him didn’t seem that dramatic. While I liked seeing Bay’s struggle and even the cute timeline on the building (can’t those kids just get back together?), I was expecting more, which made it just a little boring.

Speaking of boring, I was expecting something a lot more spicy with Daphne this season, and when I said spicy, I didn’t mean the kind in the kitchen. Her storyline was actually very interesting (though if the promos for what’s to come are any indication, it will go south soon), but I’m not sure it belonged in this episode. It was just too slow and thoughtful for the premiere. I was looking for something to liven up the episode, and this wasn’t it.

What happened to Katherine’s kiss with the lawyer and that aftermath? Where was Daphne’s reaction to Emmett’s betrayal? What about nosy Katherine getting into Bay’s business right after her discovery?

The episode wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure it met expectations. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to more. And if the scene between Bay and Simone was any indication, this show does have the capability for drama. It just can’t be outsmarted by its own advertising.

PS – In case you’re wondering, yes, I have a lot to say about how improbable it is that Katherine’s book is already out on the show (it’s already published in real life, too). But let’s be honest. You all come here for the TV talk. But feel free to have it out in the comments. I’m sure I’ll join in there.


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