Thursday Open Thread: Returning Favorites

I can hardly believe it myself, but summer is just about over. Summer series are ending. And fall series are premiering. What does that mean?

Our favorite shows are coming back! Hurrah! Hurray! Huzzah!

So I must ask…

What returning favorite are you looking forward to the most?

With a sense of moderate caution, I mention Community. As much as I love the series, I don’t think any fans know what we’re getting into with a Dan Harmon-less season. But hey, it’s got a great cast, and I’m sure there are more wonderful jokes to come.

But let’s talk drama because two shows rank high on my list: Revenge and Vampire DiariesRevenge was a show I couldn’t get enough of last season, so of course, I want to see more. As for Vampire Diaries, that was one I wasn’t too convinced by last season, but the final episodes grabbed me. And that final reveal? Whoa.

So yes, those are my top three. What are you looking forward to returning?

And for those of you who want a little extra credit, here’s a little assignment. Up next week: What NEW shows are you looking forward to? Start brainstorming…


8 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Returning Favorites

  1. New Girl! 30 Rock, mainly bc I want it to end on a high note. Revenge, obvs. I know this doesn’t count as a returning show, but i do wnat to see what Mindy Kaling’s show is all about. I hope it’s good. Oh, and Up All Night. I am glad it got renewed. And Community.

  2. Definitely Revenge. And Grey’s Anatomy of only to find out how they get all the characters to stay in Seattle (the Finale was a little disappointing), and also Scandal, the new Shonda Rhimes show as well as How I Met Your Mother.

  3. Fringe, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Homeland. I’m excited about all the network shows coming back, period!

  4. Oh, Parenthood! Good one. Of course, that will just make my aggression toward Jasmine come back. HIMYM’s one I’ll be catching, too. And Fringe’s final season!!

    Switched at Birth comes back tomorrow. Is it bad to be so excited about that?

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  6. Not to detour the conversation, but I’m surprised people aren’t mentioning Once Upon a Time here. To be honest, I enjoyed the finale and I’m really curious to see where the show is going considering the cliffhanger — and yet I forgot all about it. Perhaps others felt the same way? Or maybe the finale just disillusioned them from wanting to see more.

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