Falling Skies: A More Perfect Union

FALLING SKIES: 2.10 “A More Perfect Union”

I was so nervous going into this episode of Falling Skies. From the start of the season, we saw that this was not going to be some long survival story, where moving from point A to point B was the goal, and the aliens were the entertaining side plots. No, while the 2nd Mass did find their way to Charleston eventually, this season more than ever was one of battles and war. One where you lived or you died. And it left a lot of bodies in its wake.

We started with Jimmy, a mere kid who was really the heart of the frontlines. We ended with Dai, whose stoic loyalty never wavered. Honestly, I’ve been worried about Dai since the first season, wondering when the writers would take him away, but for some reason, last night’s shocking death surprised even me. In everyone’s lines and last words to their loved ones, I was hearing a good-bye speech, the ones that sci-fi writers reserve for the character that’s not coming back. Little did I know that I should have been noting the silence of the man with few words, since he really was the one that didn’t get a final say.

Overall, the episode was rather intense, yet not what I expected at all. Anne is pregnant, which I can only imagine will cause a lot of high stress situations next season. Ben was back, which gave Hal a chance to make up with his kid bro, but it also meant that there was danger afoot, this time with rebel skitters in tow. Even I was wondering if this was a trap for the 2nd Mass, but when you’re following Tom Mason, you know he can’t be wrong.

The battle was surprisingly short, and while I didn’t feel as much sadness for Red Eye as many of the people whose tweets I was reading did (sorry, Red Eye, but I just didn’t grow all that attached to you, and even if you might have told Ben to return to his family, I still question whether that’s your real plan), I was completely enthralled as Karen moved her away around her prisoners, enjoying the torture she was bringing upon them. The way they’ve developed Karen has been incredibly interesting this season — I almost wish she does get deharnessed at some point so that the 2nd Mass really has to deal with what she’s like when she’s a human again, and see how she’ll respond to the backlash of her alien actions. Somehow I don’t see that happening too soon, though, what with her skittering right up a wall to escape.

What I adored about the episode, though, was Hal. Right now, we don’t know much about what happened to Hal, other than the fact that he got some sort of bug in him. The scene with the mirror was wonderfully shot, distorting his face and features, so you didn’t know if he was monster or man. In the end, a bug came out of his eye and crawled into his ear, and the maniacal smile that landed on his face truly made you wonder if the Hal we’ll see next season will be close to the one that many fans have fallen in love with in recent weeks (not to mention Maggie).

But all that is side plot to discovering that the aliens we thought we were fighting might not be the real bad guys. A new alien face was left staring at the 2nd Mass, and by the quaking ground, it’s certainly not friendly.

It looks like everything’s changing next season. And I can’t wait to see what will happen next.


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