Bunheads: Ra Ra, Boo

BUNHEADS: 1.09 “No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons”

Oh, Boo. I just felt so bad for Carl at the end of the episode. I realize everything said was in the heat of the moment but…

Ok, first, let’s go back. Can I just say how much I loved Ginny in this episode? Every reaction she had to Charlie’s interest felt so…high school. I totally remember that awkwardness (though I don’t quite remember stumbling down basketball bleachers). It was adorable.

And, of course, I identified with the girl code. If your friend likes someone, you don’t. This brings us to that terrible scene in the ballet studio (terrible with the events, not the quality). Poor Boo was so wrapped up with her former crush — a crush she grew up with — that she forgot about poor Carl behind her. Carl is once again rejected by her, and I really wonder if he will forgive her this time around.

Meanwhile, we had Sasha, who we’re now seeing as a full-blown cheerleader. And she’s not good at it. Or, she’s just too good? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. She is too athletic and flexible for the rest of the girls, and as a trained prima donna, she just can’t fit in. At the same time, she just kinda sucks. She isn’t cheery, and you know, as a cheerleader, that’s a requirement. I’m glad Michelle spoke with her at the end of the episode, really pointing out that she made a mistake. I imagine we’ll be seeing Sasha’s return to dance class soon.

Now for the weakest part of the episode. It’s not that I don’t like all the random Gilmore faces, but they’re starting to become more distracting than anything else. Behind that coffee counter, I just saw Kirk, not whoever he was supposed to be. And honestly, with the coffee obsession, in Michelle I just saw Lorelai.

This show really needs to step away from its Gilmore ties and break out until its own thing. Stop bringing in the other actors, as much as the name-that-character game might be fun. It’s distracting. Stop leaning on bits that work for Lauren Graham. Instead, reach into the characters you’ve built and put something out there for them to experience that’s truly their own. I mean, look at Boo and Sasha. If you can do it with them, why can’t you do it with Michelle?

That entire storyline was a waste in my view. I could have done without. And with only one episode left for the summer season, I am saddened to say that Paradise is still struggling to get out of Stars Hollow’s shadow.


2 thoughts on “Bunheads: Ra Ra, Boo

  1. Oh man. I’ve about consigned myself to the fact that Michelle is basically Lorelai’s long lost cousin. Or maybe it’s that Fanny is Emily’s LONG lost (and probably disowned) twin sister. But any way you slice it, I thought the coffee subplot was awkward, unfunny, and did nothing for the plot (unless you count its tenuous connection to the supermarket (non)opening, which, as plot points go, was a bit of a stretch itself). The fact that we seemed to have Kirk riffing off Michel-style customer service with a side of disapproval and Michelle basically playing Lorelai did not help. I like the quirky townsfolk in Gilmore. but here I constantly feel like they’re a distraction from whatever’s going on in the ballet studio.

    And Michelle always seems to be up for a distraction. She’s been aimless ever since Hubble died, flitting from one distraction to the next. Despite being the main character, she hasn’t really gotten much plot. Instead, she’s always running into — and throwing herself into other people’s dilemmas. Usually Fanny’s. Which, perhaps is understandable under the circumstances. Maybe I’m just jealous because I always want there to be more dancing and more plots that involve time in the studio generally.

    I found Ginny’s crush a little hard to watch, for pretty much the same reasons that you liked it, haha. And poor Carl, good lord. Boo, my dear, you’ve got some epic grovelling to do now… However, cheerleader Sasha was pure gold. I loved her little speech about how counter-productive it is to cheer guys on for no reason, setting them up to fail later in life. There was a grain of truth in that, while also being (from the little we’ve seen) a clear reflection of her mother’s bitterness about men.

  2. See, Ginny was especially cute to me because she’s been with someone since 2nd grade and has NO idea what it’s like to date in high school. Sorry, I just thought it was adorable.

    I did miss the dancing, though. I hope tonight’s finale is FULL of it!

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