Open Thread Thursday: What Big Shows Have You Been Missing?

Last year, we started marathoning our way through Mad Men in anticipation of season 5. I’ve just started working through Breaking Bad (I’ll have a post up soon with some early impressions) and I also just recently finished the first two season of The Wire. The critical and cultural acclaim of all three of these shows have vastly overshadow their rather modest ratings. If you’re plugged into certain sections of the TV critic blogosphere, it seems like everyone is constantly talking about these shows, so eventually we just had to get around to watching them. There are other critically beloved shows that I need to catch up on too, like Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Deadwood. Netflix, HBOGO, and Hulu all make it easy to see what you’ve missed. Now all we need is more time in the day.

Which popular, critically acclaimed shows do you feel like you’re missing out on? What’s next on your catch-up queue? Let us know in the comments.



5 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursday: What Big Shows Have You Been Missing?

  1. I appreciate that Buffy is considered “critically acclaimed” in this context. I’d say people in charge of Emmys and other awards would disagree, but certainly it is by me and any of the bloggers I read.

    Anyway, I’d have to add Dr. Who to this list. I just watched this weekend a “Best of Dr. Who” special (odd, since I’ve never seen it and don’t know the premise), and now I really want to catch up.

    Veronica Mars is also on my list, even though I caught and episode or two of the final season (and they were awful). I really don’t intend to like it, but I have to see if the early seasons will prove me wrong. Though, given my early impressions, I’m not in a rush on that one.

  2. I’d like to eventually watch Dead Like Me, if it’d just show back up on Netflix’s streaming list. Aside from the fact that I’d love to somehow find the time to go back and watch a number of old favorites I have on DVD, Farscape among them.

  3. I still need to finish Carnivale. It’s one a certain writer on this post keeps talking about, but I haven’t even finished the first season. I will say, though, it’s tough deciding you want to see something when you know it had an early cancellation. I’m not sure I want to live out the heartbreak so many other fans are experiencing!

  4. I know I was missing out on Mad Men so I started that this summer! We are currently on Season 3 and I’m obsessed! It’s so good. I’ve also been told to watch Breaking Bad, but I don’t know when we’ll get to it with fall around the corner.

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