Bunheads: Fred and Ginger

BUNHEADS: 1.08 “Blank Up, It’s Time”

Sasha’s downward spiral continues. This time with tan lines and hair dye. And with Fanny back in town, she’s not having any of it. First by taking away her dance number. And then by kicking her out entirely.

I’m surprised at this point that no one’s really tried to figure out Sasha’s real issues. Michelle tried, but Fanny just ignored her. Fanny seems so wrapped up in her own studio (which is funny, considering that she just left it for weeks at a time) that she doesn’t really care much about the girls inside it.

Speaking of, I just think that Boo was adorable in this episode. Carl was rather cute, and it just made me sad when the girls tried to back Boo up by turning him down. Boo clearly liked him. I hope we see him again.

Meanwhile, when Fanny wasn’t watching the studio, she was with her own beau, Michael, who she’s been on and off again with for decades. I liked his addition to the cast, and I hope he sticks around. He and Michelle have a good dynamic, and he and Fanny do, too. Just generally, good job.

Finally, Michelle. You know, her sudden crying surprised me. Though it had never occurred to me that she never really mourned Hubbel. Now that I think about it, she never really did, but at the time, when she was in her reactionary mode, I guess I didn’t notice. It surprised me. Almost as much as it surprised Jason.

Oops, I mean Conor. Ok, so I do have one complaint. While it’s fun week to week to see which Gilmore alum is going to appear next, some are just distracting. Chris Eigeman delivered every line just as he did when he played Jason on Gilmore, and it was hard to see him in another role.

Just another instance where this show is struggling to be its own. But hey, it’s doing better.


One thought on “Bunheads: Fred and Ginger

  1. Favorite line:
    “Sasha was already Black Swan before you took her Ginger Rodgers. That makes her DEFCON Swan. She’s got nothing to lose.”
    There, the tag team of Ginny and Melanie made me pause the episode so I could finish laughing, but later on I agree — really hated the way they chased off Carl and his fabulous lasagna.

    I also enjoyed the irony of Fanny explaining to Boo that Carl’s enthusiasm would help to make up for being less skilled than the other boy when the same argument could be made for choosing Boo to replace Sasha.

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