Thursday Open Thread: Your Olympics Viewing Experience

A lot has been said lately about the Olympics this year. Since it’s considered the first “social media Olympics,” that means a lot more people are on Twitter, reporting reactions to events and winners at speeds like no other. I’m not following the headlines religiously on Twitter, but the few moments I peruse Facebook in the course of the day has shown me quite a few reactions and photos that reveal winners of the day’s events.

Now you all know me. I’m not the biggest sports fan. But I do enjoy the Olympics. Now, some “spoilers” I could care less about (I have a whole different post I could write about whether these should really be coined “spoilers,” but I won’t digress here), and others — like the women’s team gymnastics final — I really wanted to be surprised by, so in those cases, I keep my distance. That being said, these are taking place five hours before my viewing experience, so if I find out, I find out.

But I’m in the minority. There have been many people upset by the coverage, the spoilers, what they’ve seen, and what they haven’t. NBC’s being attacked left, right, up, down, and in between. I’m not NBC’s biggest cheerleader (if you met me in the ’90s, you would be hearing something else entirely), but I can’t say I’m really against what they’ve done so far. If anything, I’d follow the message of this guy and The Onion over those complaining. But again, I digress.

How has your Olympic experience been? Have you enjoyed it? Are you annoyed with being spoiled? Have you even noticed the social media buzz at all? How are you watching, and what are you missing?

Now’s the time to spill it. Let it all out. There you go. Just comment.

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