Thursday Open Thread: The Summer Olympics

[Enter Olympics theme music here.]

If only I could really start my post with the resounding sound of the Olympics theme music. Then the majesty of the event would resound through Raked, and you’d really be excited about this (returning) open thread.

It’s Olympics time! What sports are you watching? Who are you hoping will take the gold?

Opening ceremonies are tomorrow, and then it’s time to compete. For those of you not in London, what sports are you hoping to catch on that television screen? For those of you two are (I’m talking to a certain one of you, but hopefully others), are there ones you’re seeing in person?

(Hey, we’re a TV blog, but we realize some people have lives beyond the couch.)

And are there athletes you’re rooting for? Last time around, it was all Michael Phelps and swimming. Are you rooting for them all over again?

Personally, I’m a gymnastics fan, so I hope I catch some of that. And I’m really curious to know how popular archery will be this summer, what with the many stars of movies that took on the bow and arrow in the last few months.

So let us know if — and what — you’ll be watching! (And just imagine the song’s still going. It really adds to the spirit of the event.)


2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: The Summer Olympics

  1. Good point about archery. I bet a lot of kids will be wanting to watch that this year.

    I’m interested in soccer, sprinting because of Usain Bolt, and probably swimming too. I’d like to catch some of the long jump too.

  2. I’ve got tickets to the men’s football semi-final, women’s basketball (Team USA!) and women’s volleyball. The football match is in Cardiff in Wales, but the others are all here in London. I’m excited, especially because I have a friend coming from the States to celebrate the Olympics here with me!!

    Also, opening ceremony was awesome last night. The jets flew right above us, and we could see all the fireworks at the stadium from the pub where I was watching (I’m only about a mile away from the olympic grounds).

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