Drop Dead Diva: Road Trip

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.08 “Road Trip”

Drop Dead Diva does it again, with a fantastic episode and one shocking ending.

I was quite skeptical when I first heard that Jane and Grayson were going on a road trip this episode. It felt a little too Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation, and while I want these two crazy kids to get (back) together, I just didn’t want it to be in a traditional TV fashion.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. The almost kiss didn’t happen, and even the “stuck sharing one room with one bed” thing didn’t even happen. Good for you, DDD. You didn’t fall into the trap.

Of course, there was a lot of sexual tension (which I heart), alongside a fantastic court case. I’m not sure what it was, but I was truly fascinated about how  they were going to win this one. Perhaps it’s because I have my own obsession with Ashley Johnson, who played the fresh-faced student lawyer. (She’s appeared in a number of roles throughout the years, from Growing Pains to The Avengers.) It was nice to see someone new, someone so desperate to get this poor woman help. Someone still with fresh eyes to the justice system. It was great.

What I enjoyed more was seeing Jane jump in as a veteran, when everyone in her firm thinks of her as the smart lawyer with a soft side. I also quite appreciated those few moments when she didn’t have the answer, and smooth-talking Grayson could just jump with the correct response. Really, the entire case and the dynamics between the characters was fantastic, and I just ultimately enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the interactions between Stacy and Luke. And I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that I’m starting to like Luke. Shouldn’t I hate him for taking Fred’s place? Boo. Anyway, it was just nice to see him acting like a kind person, not someone who wanted to make people like him (with shaved ice machines to boot), but someone who genuinely wanted to make someone feel better.

But let’s not forget the big shock of the episode: Gina, the firm’s new investor, is basically laundering money through her new client. Kim was on the case, and between her smarts and Teri’s searching, she discovered the fraud. Of course, Parker wanted to wait, to keep things quiet, but waiting had its own risks, as we saw in the final moments of the episode. Now the entire firm’s heading in a downward spiral, and all employees are under arrest.

It’s certainly an ugly turn of events, and let’s just say that I think they’ll need a good lawyer to help them out with this one (after all, you shouldn’t represent yourself, right? I learned that from Ally McBeal). I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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