Bunheads: Girls’ Night Out

BUNHEADS: 1.06 “Movie Truck”

Oh, what a fun episode! I loved this episode. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed Fanny, but somehow this episode just shone when it was Michelle in her element with her galpal and the girls doing their own thing together. Really, this was just a fun, funny episode, and I was happy to see it.

I loved seeing Michelle paired with Truly for the evening. They finally broke Truly out of her shell, and she was really likable. I adored discovering that Truly was sober, all because she kept spitting the alcohol back in the bottle (and if you didn’t want to vomit just a little when you realized that the two other girls were drinking her backwash, you’re a stronger man than me). Really, putting these three girls together was fantastic, and even though Michelle’s friend won’t be around in the future (I’m guessing), it’s nice to see that we might have just seen a new friendship blossom between Michelle and Truly.

Meanwhile, we had our young ballerinas, sneaking out for the nice. Again, this was entertaining, in a less inebriated way. Of course, there were a few things of note:

  • Ginny’s boyfriend seems a little too good to be true. Making sleepover baggies of goodies? It wouldn’t surprise me if the girly craft side of him might transition into a certain stereotype.
  • Poor Boo. So in love with that idiot dude that she didn’t even feel insulted by his putting someone else’s number on her hand. That was just disappointing, though she really could do better.
  • As for her eyebrows, that just felt odd to me. And unnecessary.

The real story here was Sasha, though, as we were getting a rather big view into her home life. We knew that she had unhappy parents, but discovering how unhappy was rather upsetting. She’s planning on going to her summer program without telling them, just figuring that they wouldn’t realize she’s gone. She snuck out, then ruined the car, all because she figured that they wouldn’t see.

But the saddest part was coming in, discovering her dad sitting alone and distraught on the couch. I thought for sure that we’d realize her mother had left him, but no explanation came. Perhaps he just was worried that she was missing, but I doubt it, based on his reaction. Either way, things clearly got worse in the night.

And things didn’t get better for Sasha. While the ballet at the end had no real story to go with it, Sasha’s expression and disengaging saunter off the floor at the end clearly showed a hardened girl, frustrated with her surroundings. The words themselves hint that she can’t go back to her once happy family — Constantinople — and perhaps if her mother didn’t leave, divorce is imminent. It was an interesting way to end the episode, and I have to respect it.


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