Bunheads: If You Can’t Do, Teach

BUNHEADS: 1.05 “Money for Nothing”

This was the first episode since the pilot where I felt the series had some forward momentum. As I mentioned in my last post, the show has a lot of potential. It just hasn’t been using it, and it felt a little stalled. Finally, I feel like we know where the show is heading.

The idea of Michelle teaching at the school was (I hope) no surprise to anyone. Ever since Michelle moved to the small town of Paradise, where her mother-in-law had a dance studio on her own property, we knew that there had to be something that would keep her there. Of course, it wouldn’t just be her relationship with Fanny or her new ownership of land. Eventually, that dance studio and Michelle would collide.

This week, it finally happened, where Fanny and Michelle were sharing financial struggles. Since they couldn’t get 66 of their 75 students to pay (I hope I’m remembering those numbers right), they had to figure out new ways to make money. That means more classes.

For weeks, I’ve been wondering when this was going to happen, so I’m glad it finally did. Michelle is, of course, reluctant, seeing it as saying good-bye to her stage career. And I guess in the end, we didn’t get an official “yes” as much as we got a look of potential. But I think we know where this is headed.

Hopefully, though, Michelle can come up with some better dances at their recitals than Fanny does. I’m sorry, but I was not the least bit impressed with Fanny’s ballet (and I assume that was only one number from it, since there was nowhere close to 75 people in it), and it felt like a cheap attempt for a joke. The ridiculous “story” and “costumes” outshown the dancers, which we know are incredible from the second episode of the show.

As for the hottie at the oyster house, well, that was fun. I like when the show features Boo and the girls. I’m not sure how much I like Sasha’s jealousy over the matter (but man, her humiliation at the bar was entertaining). Anyway, it was cute.

I think the show really made a turning point here, and I hope it continues the trend. It had very few Gilmore moments, and I’d like to keep it that way. Plus, I just want to see what Michelle can do on that dance floor.

*image from ABCFamily.go.com


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