Leverage: Let It Fly

LEVERAGE: 5.01 “The (Very) Big Bird Job”

Leverage is back! Huzzah! Hurray! As one of my favorite series, I’m quite happy. And it looks like in this fifth season, change is amuck. I’m not just talking about the move to Portland. No, it’s pretty clear that while everything is blue skies with the team, something potentially sinister is going on with that secret meeting between Hardison and Nate. What are they up to?

But before we get there, let’s talk about the con. In this case, we have a woman who’s husband was killed in a plane crash, due to subpar machinery. In order to get the wife a fair compensation for her loss, the team goes after the company’s owner, right where his pride hits him the most: a big-ass plane. In fact, the largest wooden plane in existence.

I will admit that this episode, at times, was rather hard to follow. Even as I’m writing this, it’s a little odd that I can’t quite explain the details. In the end, I got the gist, using his hubris to make him believe he stole the plain — all of which makes him seem crazy. Plus, the FBI was informed of the coverup, so the entire company got taken down. Isn’t it always the way?

Details aside, it was cute. The highlight, of course, was Hardison and Eliot’s back and forth on the new beer pub. The menu, the beer — it was fantastic. I also enjoyed Sophie’s stress over the new Portland location (it messed with her hair, after all). Parker and Hardison are officially together and cute, and hey, they just all had their usual camaraderie and humorous dispositions.

And did anyone spy a certain Adam Baldwin in there? If not, look for the extremely tall man standing next to Christian Kane. And I mean, extremely tall.

I’m not sure what else today, unless we want to dwell on that last scene. And don’t we want to dwell on that last scene? What are they planning? What do they know that the others don’t? And why does it sound so ominous? So final? It’s hard for me to really imagine Nate and Hardison plotting behind the others’ backs.

So why does it feel like they are?


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