Falling Skies: Homecoming

FALLING SKIES: 2.06 “Homecoming”

How much was I looking forward to this episode? Hello! Karen was back. And after last week’s major shipper developments between Hal and Maggie, of course, I wanted to see what was going to happen next.

But did we know what Karen was bringing with her? Was she going to be the same Karen we knew, suddenly let free from her alien overlords? Or was she going to be hiding something from the 2nd Mass?

Honestly, I was hoping for a little more mystery. I’m surprised more people didn’t see her betrayal coming. It was just so convenient that she was left so close to the hospital. That she was the only one alive of all the kids left behind. It was all just so…lucky.

And Ben saw it immediately. He told the 2nd Mass that she was still connected and that Hal was too close to her. His feelings for her would blind him from seeing what she really was.

But what was more interesting was seeing how easy Ben was manipulated. The moment that Karen compared her experience with Ben’s — in ways that he had never told anyone before. It was that revelation that made him cross over. Oh, and that whole kiss thing.

Man, if it’s not one triangle, it’s another. I thought we were going to have trouble with Maggie and Karen, but now Ben and Hal? Geez. I must say, I loved the scene between Karen and Maggie, when Karen changed from her whimpering self to a strong, powerful being that could take out Maggie. Sure, the flips and tosses were cool, but that change in the tone of her voice was cooler. How Ben fell for the typical trick (ok, everyone, if you see two people on the floor knocked out, never trust the one that people have put behind bars), I do not know, but I blame secret Skitter powers.

In the end, Ben’s headed with Karen straight to a trap, and poor Hal and Maggie are unconscious, strewn across the hospital. It was an intense storyline, and while I wish it could have lasted at the hospital a few episodes longer, I really enjoyed it.

It’s almost disappointing that they had to put all the drama of Weaver’s health, gasoline searches, and Tom/Anne spats (though I did gaps when he called her Rebekah) in the mix. The entire episode could have been spent analyzing Karen, and honestly, Weaver’s health deserved more time. It’s a tough balancing act in a series that has pretty short episode order each season, but it’s a little unfortunate they have to move so fast.

Either way, there were some intense situations in this episode, and I can’t wait for next week. Your thoughts?


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