Bunheads: Auditions and Tip Toes

BUNHEADS: 1.04 “Better Luck Next Year!”

I want to first say that I enjoyed this episode. It was fun to watch. I’m glad I did.

That being said, I’m going to nitpick the hell out of this episode because I’m so frustrated at the wasted potential this show has.

This show could be so good. So good! And right now, it’s fine. It’s ok. It could be so much better!

Let’s start with Michelle and Fanny. They’re so good together. Any scene where they’re interacting is fantastic — and I might even watch the show just for those moments.

The problem is that they’re spending too much time with Michelle by herself. The past few episodes — really, since the series started — Michelle has been doing her own thing, observing Fanny’s interactions, and then swoops in to save the day. Unfortunately, that day-saving is in the last 20 minutes or so, which gives us 40 minutes of less-than-great beforehand.

The girls are super cute, and I really enjoyed seeing Boo and Sasha’s interaction this week (as predictable as it may have been). I was disappointed to see that Boo got cut so quickly without our even seeing her try. We spent weeks with her mentioning this audition, and then we didn’t even get to see it? Sure, the changing costumes might have been moderately humorous, but it was unrealistic and honestly didn’t give Boo the moment she deserved. Could that be symbolic of the judges not giving her the chance she deserved? Maybe. But instead, it just felt disappointing to me, the viewer.

Now, the quirky sidekicks. Yes, I get it’s a quirky small town, but parts are just not working for me. The reason Gilmore Girls worked is because we cared about the main characters before we got to know the quirky sidekicks throughout the town. I feel like I barely know Michelle, I somewhat know Fanny, and then I might kinda know some of the girls. I think I actually know Boo best.

But I could care less about hippy bartenders. They dragged the scene, and I feel like they’re mainly trying to make him seem funny because we previously knew him as Logan’s father on Gilmore.

Finally, the music. If this show really wants to be great, it needs to find its own identity, and the music from Gilmore doesn’t do it. This is a show about ballet. Why can’t we integrate music that you’d expect from a ballet performance or even a warmup class? It just feels like a lost opportunity to let the show stand on its own.

Like I said, I enjoyed what I saw and had some fun watching. But it’s not using all of its potential. It could be so much more than we’re seeing on the screen. Maybe I’m being too picky.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Bunheads: Auditions and Tip Toes

  1. Totally agree. Especially with the Gilmore-esque music, sometimes the writing goes past witty or funny or clever and starts sounding like an over the top Gilmore parody. There were scenes — especially with Michelle, but not exclusively — where I wondered if cutting about 10% of the lines would make it better.

    Or Boo’s scene with her mother at the farmer’s market. It made its point and then we circled around about three times. “Radishes!” “Candy!” “Kale!” “Kettle corn!” It felt about twice as long as it needed to be.

    Sometimes it just feels like they’re trying too hard. And egad, the catering scene was pretty painful.

    That said, there was good stuff, too. I love the girls, and I loved the understated reconciliation between Boo and Sasha. And I liked the way that Michelle’s fears about her own career gave her the final push to help Fanny with the floor.

    And Truly is kind of growing on me, too. I like the concept of a person cursed to know exactly what everyone else needs, and I liked the way she took charge of the curtain hanging.

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