Falling Skies: Love and Other Acts of Courage

FALLING SKIES: 2.05 “Love and Other Acts of Courage”

Interesting. Very interesting.

Does anyone else feel like you can’t catch your breath this season? This season just keeps developing and developing. Every time you think we’ve reached the real point of the series, whether it’s figuring out whether to trust Tom or trust Ben, or if it’s how they’ll make their way to Charleston, or just generally how they’re going to survive as nomads, then we get something else! Now, we find out that all that came before — all the stuff that we stressed out about — is nothing compared to our discovering that the Skitters may not be all that we thought they were.

Not that we really knew what they were to begin with, but we at least knew one thing: They were the bad guys. But now…

Now we discover that all Skitters may not be all that bad. According to one Skitter — and Ben and Rick — there is a sect of Skitters that are rebelling against their overlords, and they think they can finally win if they join the remaining humans.

Now, should we believe them? I have no idea. This whole season is about whether we should trust: trust Tom, Ben, Pope, now the Skitters.

It just gets more and more complicated. And it doesn’t help that the one who’s in the Skitters’ corner is Ben and Rick. We’ve been having trouble trusting Ben all season (even his real-life doppelganger pointed that out), and frankly, I haven’t trusted Rick since last season.

By the way, was I the only one to be surprised that Rick was still alive? Perhaps I misunderstood Anne when she said that they “lost” him a few weeks back. Either way, I wonder whether his dead missed some true pathos here. I mean, I wasn’t the biggest Rick fan last season; he was incredibly untrustworthy and rather mean (and kinda on the side of the Skitters during his own father’s funeral). So the shock of seeing him and then the shock of seeing him die didn’t do much for me. On the one hand, I felt a little heartless because he is a kid, but on the other, I think it could have been done a little better.

Now, what I really enjoyed with this episode was the interactions between Hal and Maggie. We’ve seen very little with Hal this season, and maybe we just needed a little cuteness to offset the dreariness of the survival series. Either way, this episode turned me into a shipper, and I was glad to see both of these actors with more screen time. What’s best is that the tension’s still there, Maggie still has some mystery, and we’ve got some folks to root for. I wonder what heartbreak’s in store for us now?

Either way, the developments in love and other acts of courage this episode was great. I enjoyed it. What’d you think?


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