Drop Dead Diva: Rigged

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.06 “Rigged”

Ouch. Are you still reeling from last night’s Drop Dead Diva? I am. But before we get to the zinger, let’s talk about some cases.

Jane had a tough case on her hands this week: a woman suing an oil company because an accident that killed her husband was caused by a faulty rig (in oversimplified terms, of course). That would have been tough enough, except that the oil company is hiding evidence and bribing everyone who could hurt them. This includes a new hire at Jane’s own office, who’s giving them confidential information — and forging documents to hurt Jane’s case.

It was a good one to watch, even though somehow I never thought Jane would really lose. Something about the underdog and mean ol’ big company made me realize that the bad guys really wouldn’t win. The question was not “whether” but “how” she would win.

Meanwhile, poor Parker. Now, I suppose I understand where Eric’s mother had a point that Parker made himself be the good guy in the situation, but I just couldn’t feel bad for her. She did just up and decide to move his son out of the country at a moment’s notice with no discussion of arrangements or anything. She also didn’t tell him that he had a son for seven years. Parker really has tried and has been the good guy here, and sorry, but I was in his corner. I really felt bad for him in the end, having to say good-bye to his own son before really getting to know him.

But it wasn’t nearly as sad as Jane’s final scenes. Owen’s being missing didn’t really grab my attention throughout the episode. I thought we were going to find out that he wasn’t really at his best friend’s place in Seattle (which he wasn’t). I thought we’d find out, though, that he was off getting a quickie divorce from some woman he married way back when — you know, a storyline we’ve seen in multiple episodes of multiple shows, and something that isn’t too exciting. To find out that he just left her, well, that was heartbreaking.

I do wonder whether it’s so black and white. Owen never wanted to get married, but would he really just up and leave? And so soon after proposing? Owen was a good guy — where did this come from? It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Owen again, probably at the worst possible moment.

Either way, I’m just as shocked and saddened as Jane. But, hey, I got what I wanted. No puppy dog eyes from Grayson this week. Just teary ones from Jane.


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